Wedding Belle, No. 4

Wedding Belle, No. 4

Hey guys! Did you see what Vickie gave Teddy on SmackDown last night? Oh my gosh! Let's just say she slipped him a little "Vitamin V." (Wink, wink!) What a trip!

Anyway, I am so proud to say she's going to be my maid of honor when I get married next month. First of all, Vickie is my best friend. I trust her with everything. She knows all my secrets, and I know a lot of hers. Out of all the Divas and the women who work for WWE, I'm the closest to her. I went out on a limb to help her get a job here at SmackDown, as assistant general manager. I feel like we've grown very, very close. I wanted somebody who I can trust, who is close, to be my maid of honor.

Second, I really like Vickie's taste. She helped me pick out my wedding dress. (It's by Vera Wang, but you'll have to wait for all the details!) She was the one who suggested Tiffany & Co. Blue as my wedding color, and I just have to say it's a brilliant idea. We've been going through lots of travel magazines lately, checking out places for my honeymoon. Right now, Bora Bora is my No. 1 choice, but I change my mind every day! Hawaii, Aruba, Italy, Fiji, Tahiti, Bali, New Zealand… there are so many great spots, I am so happy I have Vickie here to help me out.

Teddy's really excited that Vickie is going to be my maid of honor. You know, as long as I'm happy, he's happy. He's really supportive. He loves Vickie, too. She's done such a great job as assistant general manager on SmackDown, which has really pleased Teddy.

Well everyone, stay tuned to to read more of my blogs, and don't forget to watch SmackDown every Friday night at 8 on the CW to see my Teddylicious and I get ready for our Sept. 21 wedding. Can you believe it's just a little more than a month away?! I better pick that honeymoon spot soon after all!

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