Experience switching brands?

Experience switching brands?

"Life is about timing!" ~ Carl Lewis USA Olympic Gold Medalist

Today YOUR Guiding Light is battered and bruised, yet I'm still here to carry out my everlasting mission to shine my light upon a darkened world, but first things first.

Congrats to my boys Garrard/Taylor/Drew-Jones for representing the dirty south. Jags are now 9-4. Keep up the good work, boys!

Man, I watched those New England Pats completely destroy the Steelers after the Steelers' Anthony Smith guaranteed a victory over the Pats. Well, we all see how that turned out. There was this one play in particular that I'm sure will make SportsCenter's Top 10 this week, where Brady and Moss did the double lateral fake, which led to a Pats touchdown. That was insane! What sickened me was how they replayed it like six times, almost enough to outdo SmackDown's replaying of a mistake I made that led to me being speared/powerbombed in mid-air by World Heavyweight Champion Batista! Six times? Dude, that's what Tivo is for!

Speaking of SmackDown, I've received a ton of e-mails in regard to my appearance and what it means for my future. Well, let me assure you that YOUR Black Pope will NOT be signing with SmackDown anytime soon. It's all about timing. My appearance was part of the talent exchange arranged by our respected GMs. SmackDown doesn't deserve an athlete of my caliber and trust me, the Land of the Extreme isn't ready to lose the most athletically-gifted and charismatic Superstar in its history! What would the Land of the Extreme be … or do without me? I have far too much business to tend to in ECW. My boy Shelton and I haven't even started to wreak havoc yet!

The only time that I can remember someone losing something of importance to them and not caring was when Balls Mahoney lost his teeth … then his brain (which ain't saying much) and recently the middle of those freaking daisy dukes he's been wearing since the original ECW's first pay-per-view, Barely Legal. Just bloody brutal! The Black Pope has spoken!!!!!!!

Need Enlightenment? Reach out to your Black Pope at ECWHOH@yahoo.com

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