Feeling like Coach Gundy

Feeling like Coach Gundy

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. ~ Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Question? Who's "Blowing Smoke" now? Did the "prophecy" from last week's Elijah Experience not come to pass? Well, if you caught Sept. 25 edition of ECW on Sci Fi, then you know that it did. The same shall happen when I face Tommy Dreamer in the finals of the Elimination Chase to No Mercy. Listen, It's very imperative that not only the viewers, but wrestlers of all brands realize where the future of wrestling lies. The future lies with YOUR Host of Hosts and YOUR Guiding Light, Elijah Burke!

Last week, I felt like Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy after I was attacked by some 28-year-old virgin nerd reporter. Someone who walks around smiling and writing about everything but the right thing. How could this so-called reporter write such a thing about The Black Pope of ECW, questioning whether or not my word would come to pass? Not only did he question me, but the report was also written in such a way to make me look bad. That's B.S! It's garbage, and it makes me wanna puke. Why write about a young, good looking, powerful, charismatic, athletic (did I mention good looking?) individual who does everything right? Write about the bad ones, who don't do things the right way.

I'm earning my keeps. I go out there every week in front of thousands of fans and give them everything that I have physically and mentally! After the fans have seen me, they might as well go home because they've already received their money's worth. But yet gossip-hungry no-life reporters find something negative to write about when there's plenty of positives to write about!

That's why I don't read the sheets. It's garbage! You wanna attack someone, attack Tommy Dreamer! Here's a grown man (who's also a dinosaur that's almost fossilized) who donated a portion of his hair to Charles Montgomery for his new look...The Bearded Punk!? Just Gawd Awful.

You wanna write about something, write about my work to charity. I mean, how often is it that you find someone of my stature feeding the homeless? Just last week I gave Ball's Mahoney some leftovers from the waffle house. I believe they call it a "Roche Sammich"! He ate it all..Just bloody insane!

Due to the emotional trauma and name defamation caused by what I'll refer to as ANEJ-6, I'm looking for peeps from all walks of life to unite and show your support against this travesty. I'm also calling for the reporter who wrote the "Blowing Smoke" article to issue me a public apology via ECW.com or I will without a shadow of a doubt take action against him and seek his resignation. That's not a prophecy, that's a promise. The Black Pope has spoken!!!!
Questions, Comments and/or concerns? Reach out to The Black Pope at ECWHOH@yahoo.com.

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