Mothers and milestones

Mothers and milestones

"The income tax has made more liars out of the American people than golf has." -- Will Rogers

Greetings from YOUR Paragon of Virtue! I've received e-mail after e-mail in regards to my special attraction status that's been going on for the better first half of 2008. The question is simply, "WTH's going on with you?" Well I dunno, your guess is as good as mine. But just know that I'm YOUR Guiding Light and in the end I'll always shine through. Take my word for it, if Elijah said it, it shall be done.

Now, moving right along, I'd like to do a brief recap of Mother's Day and acknowledge the many of you that e-mailed me and told me how special your mom is and what she means to you. For that, I commend you all. Be sure to continue to hold that special lady in high regards for as long as you live … Or, you can appear on The Jerry Springer Show and have a fight with her. While I don't condone this, it does often times make for great TV. LOL.

So, I'm sure you all are wondering what in the world is YOUR Host of Hosts referring to now? Well, it's late and I'm flipping through channels and I end up watching The Jerry Springer Show. It's about a mom who got her grown daughter a job as an escort. Now, I obviously chose the more sophisticated term to describe the job, but this mother and daughter combination looked like something str8 out of Biloxi, Miss. You know, the type of women that The Miz dates. (I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, yuck!)

Anyways, the daughter was there to blame the mom for all of her shortcomings and for making her into the "worker" that she had become. Mind you that the daughter went to the mom wanting the job in the first place. So they're cursing at one another and talking about how they hate each other. The daughter says to the mom, "I'm quitting and I'm never doing this again. It's all your fault. You're a horrible mom and I hate you!" The mom replies, "You ain't going nowhere. You can't. You gotta get you some money to buy you some teeth. You can't even chew corn!" LOL. 'Nuff said. The only place that you'll see anything crazier is on ECW on Sci Fi on Tuesday nights and it all starts with, "Hello, I'm Mike Adamle alongside of The Tazz."

Speaking of ECW on Sci Fi, I would like to say congrats to every member who's a part of the ECW roster for etching out 100 episodes of ECW on Sci Fi. From zombies to vampires, to New Breeders and Originals, ECW on Sci Fi has had its share of special moments with mine of course being the New Breed vs. Originals rematch from WrestleMania 23. Honestly, there hasn't been one match better, you can quote me on that one!

A lot of you will be glad to know Your Host of Hosts has been talking with WWE Films to star in the new movie, Blade 4: Rise of the Black Pope! A New Breeder was tapped to play the lead villain, but somewhere along his journey he lost his fangs. Unfortunately, my homie Wesley Snipes won't be available for the role since he's on a three-year vacation. I will say this, however. Because of Wesley, I will make sure to give Uncle Sam every penny I owe him, even if he's a fictional character alongside Santa Claus and Charles Montgomery Punk!

What's your favorite ECW on Sci-Fi Moment? Contact YOUR Black Pope at

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