Is The Game ready to play at Night of Champions?

Is The Game ready to play at Night of Champions?

Triple H competed in one high-profile televised match this year – against The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVII – and he lost.

Despite his Hall of Fame-caliber resume, The Cerebral Assassin will be out of his element at Night of Champions September 18. No one will ever question his in-ring abilities, but in his new role as Chief Operating Officer of WWE, Triple H is treading in unfamiliar waters. Even The Game himself has admitted that he’s learning his new role day-by-day. Although a return to the ring should be effortless for a Superstar of his pedigree, the fact remains that Triple H is more than just an in-ring competitor. His plate isn’t just full – it’s spilling over, what with his corporate duties, his oversight of Superstars and his management of a billion-dollar business. All of these stressors, as well as The Game’s pride and desire to defend his family’s honor, are easy targets for CM Punk to exploit.

Speaking of Punk, he’s the first Superstar since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to incite such a tidal wave of line-blurring upheaval – not just across WWE, but the entire media world. Punk is the hottest commodity in entertainment today – no exaggeration. “Cocky” and “confident” only begin to define the Straight Edge Superstar whose new attitude gives him a clear advantage against Triple H. Punk doesn’t care if he’s fired. Yes, he loves the WWE Universe, but he’ll do whatever it takes to win at Night of Champions, no matter the repercussions. Once upon a time, Triple H could afford to be unconscionable. Now, he has a Board of Directors to answer to.

More concerning for Triple H than anything else, though, is Punk’s record during the past nine months. It’s been spectacular. He’s notched wins over Rey Mysterio and John Cena, for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, no less. Even in his losses, Punk has proven himself to be a redoubtable adversary. He’s ready. He’s capable. And, despite Triple H’s COO title and corporate standing, Punk is in charge.

If history has taught us anything, it’s that The Game always carries an ace up his sleeve. But, if any opponent is in a position to best that hand, it’s the man with the aces tattooed on his arm.

Not everyone is convinced that CM Punk can beat Triple H. In fact, advises The Second Sity Savior - and the WWE Universe - to check out "The 13 Reigns of Triple H," then continue the debate by sounding off on Facebook.

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