The Miz Blog: Autism speaks charity softball game

The Miz Blog: Autism speaks charity softball game

I'm always up for helping charities, whether it's running marathons, fishing or meeting and speaking to kids. So when I was asked to play in the Autism Speaks charity softball game, you know I was down.

I've done softball charities before. I did a Junior Achievement softball event two years ago, before I was signed with WWE, with "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and George "The Animal" Steele. Boy, was that a treat for me. Not only would we raise money for children's education, I'd also get to meet some Legends in the business.

This time around the setting was at the Brooklyn Cyclones' field, a beautiful field, if I do say so myself. I was told I'd be playing with peeps from The CW and NBC. Since I used to be on The CW, I'd be on their team, which was fine by me. They have never lost, and I planned on keeping that record going. I was kind of nervous, though. I haven't thrown a ball or swung a bat in two years. Now I was captain of my high school baseball team, but I wasn't sure if the rust would come off quick enough. 

As soon as I got there, I found out that Dee Snyder was on my team. Yes, the lead singer of Twisted Sister would be playing second base while I'm at first. How great is that? Back in the '80s I was a huge hair metal fan. I didn't have the hair or the look, but I watched MTV religiously and rocked out with the bands on TV. Twisted Sister was one of my favorites, so to play ball with him was an honor. It was really cool seeing him with his family. They seemed like such a happy one. I love seeing that, because I always thought the life of a rock star is partying and having as many women as possible. His family was so supportive whenever he was at bat they'd cheer and have signs. His little girl was so cute. So fun seeing the real life of a rock star.   

My team consisted of 17 players, all from the entertainment field -- singers, football players, news peeps, etc. The NBC team had SNL alum Horatio Sanz, peeps from 30 Rock and NBC news. I was told some female news anchors from NBC were really hot -- like so hot that they are talked about all over the New York area -- so I was pretty excited to meet them and spit some game. (I probably wouldn't have to though, seeing as I'm a chick magnet.) To their disappointment, they didn't get to meet me because they had to be in L.A. for something. Poor them.

The game started and this game was a pitchers duel. Yes, I said it correctly. It's when in softball pitchers lob the ball and people hit grounders and pop flies like crazy. I got up in the second inning and was thinking, ‘My God, is it really that hard to hit this ball?' I walked up to the batters box, paused, lifted my hand, and pointed to right field. (I'm a lefty for those that didn't know.) Yes, I was calling my shot. The pitch came and I knocked the crap out of it. I thought it was gone. Hell, I stood at home plate with my Barry Bonds pose then started walking, but the wind must of caught it or something because it landed and bounced over the fence, so I ended up with a ground-rule double. The next time I did the same call, but only got a line drive hit. Both times I scored and I ended up being the only person to score in the entire game and we went nine innings. I never heard of a softball game's score being 2-0. Terrible, right?

The fans were great. I swear, our fans come out to everything, which is fantastic because this charity was for a very good cause. I signed autographs while watching people hit. I must say, our fans will have you sign anything. I was signing shirts, balls, paper fans, anything they could get their hands on. It's all good, though if they are helping get awareness for Autism out there, then I'll sign whatever. 

All in all, I had a blast, even though I did get jipped out of MVP. LOL... We raised quite a bit of money and got the word out. What more can you ask for? I guess those hot NBC news anchors, but hey, they missed out, for I am a chick magnet. Chicks dig me and their men fear me, because you can be good. You can be bad. But there's nothing like being The Miz....  HOO RAH!!!

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