The Miz Blog: Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus tour

The Miz Blog: Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus tour

When I first heard about the Opie & Anthony Traveling Virus tour, I thought it'd be another one of those comedy shows. Then I thought, "Wait, this is Opie and Anthony," and knew they'd put some sort of cool spin on it, and did they ever! As my limo pulled up to the venue, I was greeted by two girls flashing me. I was kind of surprised. I mean, I am a chick magnet, but even a chick magnet doesn't expect such a greeting. I wasn't even out of the limo when I noticed a bunch of half-naked women backstage. I got out, and the person who greeted me said the 12 pretty girls with dental floss covering their behinds were dancers for the show.

Instantly, I knew this was my type of comedy show!

I got situated and went to catering. Opie came over and we reminisced about when I was last on the show. I couldn't believe he remembered, because it had to be at least five years, back when I was on The Real World. I met them when I was on the red carpet for the MTV Video Music Awards. They had an interview spot set up with Lady Di and Marian (aka "the Retarded Laverne and Shirley") doing interviews. It was hilarious. I told them what a big fan I was, and they said to stop in the next day, so I did. I came in right after going to the clubs. (Let's just say I was still a little tipsy.) During the radio show we listened to the Retarded Laverne and Shirley's interviews, which were hysterical. Then Mario Cantone stopped in, and it honestly felt like he was hitting on me. Boy was that a treat! Thank God for Kimmi from Survivor -- she came in flashed us. Let's just say we had a blast.

After talking with Opie I had to do an autograph signing. I really enjoy these because I get to meet Mizfits from all over. Since we're promoting SummerSlam -- The Biggest Party of the Summer -- we had sunglasses, beach balls, light up plastic ice cubes and koozies for the fans. Nice, right? Since we were in the Midwest, the koozies went really fast. I seriously think Midwesterners find any excuse to drink. Gotta love it. After the autograph signing, I had about a half hour, so I walked around and saw an insulting clown booth where the clown would do very unclown-like things, like make balloons in the shape of male private areas -- always entertaining. Then there was a guy who pounded nails up his nose. All things you'd find at a freak show. Fun stuff.

The show started, and I went out to get the crowd hyped, not only for the show, but to let them know about how fans can win two tickets to the Opie and Anthony show in New Jersey, and two tickets to SummerSlam -- basically, an all-expenses paid trip -- just by going to and signing up for it. Pretty bad ass prize, if you ask me. I love being in front of that many fans. I don't know if everyone gets like this, but right before I go out, I get really nervous, but as soon as I'm out their with the mic in my hand, I feel right at home. There's no better feeling. 

The show was great. I talked a bit with Robert Kelly from Dane Cook's HBO show. He was really cool and tore it up on stage. I got a picture with Bob Saget, and let me tell you, if you've never seen Bob Saget perform comedy... prepare yourself because he's not Danny Tanner up there, nor is he the guy you see from America's Funniest Home Videos. Oh no, he's basically the opposite from what you see -- very vulgar, but so funny and great to watch. Jim Norton killed it. I actually saw Jim six years ago hosting a comedy show at Caroline's in New York City. He was funny then, and I could tell he's come into his own onstage and will continue to get bigger in the comedy world. I wasn't sure how Carlos Mencia would be. Yeah, I've seen his show and knew who he was, but didn't know much about his comedy. Let me tell you that his routine was unbelievable. I couldn't stop laughing, and it wasn't one of those laughs where you smile and say, ‘That was funny.' His jokes made it to where I couldn't even talk because I was laughing so hard. 

I would recommend all adults (with a sense of humor) go to Opie and Anthony's Traveling Virus tour. It's so much fun, and there's a ton of comedy talent you can't see anywhere else. Thank you to Opie and Anthony for having me and for entertaining me all these years. Oh, and afterward the "dancers" invited me out for a night on the town. See Mizfits, I keep telling you, I'm a chick magnet. The chicks dig me and their men fear me because there's nothing like being The Miz. HOO RAH!!! 

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