The Miz Blog: The CW party

The Miz Blog: The CW party

Mizfits, I always enjoy a good party — especially one that's going to have stars from television shows I watch. I rolled up to the CW Party at the Ritz Carlton in a stretch limo by myself at 7 p.m. As I got out of the limo I thought, "Boy are you a huge tool walking out of a huge limo by yourself." Hell, the entire cast of Everybody Hates Chris could've fit in there. Ashley took another limo because she came from her hotel. She arrived just after me and as she got out of the car I thought, "Holy sh@t, I'm going to walk the carpet with her!" She looked the best that I have ever seen her. Ashley was by far the prettiest girl in the entire place, and yes, there were girls from America's Next Top Model that she blew away. 

Now, we all know I hate taking pictures on the red carpet. It seems like every time I go on them, some hot girl goes in front of me and the cameras go off, then I go and three bulbs flicker. Not this time. This time I had a blast, and was doing every pose I could think of. Hell, I even did one pose I saw in US Weekly. They said that the new pose on the red carpets is one where you stand with your back facing the camera and you glance over. I tried that one and I got a couple laughs from the photographers. I thought, I can pose with the best of them. Eat your heart out, Paris Hilton.

I thought the cameras were going off because I was with April's Playboy cover girl. However, photographers were like, "Miz, this way. Can I get one, Miz? Miz, chin down." Yeah, I get that one a lot when I do carpets. "Miz, chin down." I guess I raise my chin up whenever I take photos. It's my "snooty" pose. Photographers don't like that, little insider for ya Mizfits out there. 

After the first carpet, there were a bunch of Mizfits holding pictures of Ashley and I hosting the Diva Search, waiting for autographs and pictures. Of course, the one picture they had was a terrible pic of both of us. I think Ashley's eyes were closed and I had some weird face. Why is it that one person will bring 20 pictures for me to sign? Do they put that stuff on eBay or something? If so, where's my cut? :) 

Next up were the interviews with Extra, Entertainment Tonight, TV Guide, etc., who were asking questions on the up-and-coming shows. This is a hard one for us because WWE is so spontaneous and you never know what's going to happen in upcoming episodes. That's what makes it so entertaining and fun. I, of course, told them about my first Royal Rumble coming up this Sunday, which will pave the way to WrestleMania in Detroit. We also got into Ashley appearing on the cover of Playboy in April. One interviewer asked me, "What do you think her fans will think?" I said, "Well seeing that I'm a fan, I know exactly what Ashley's fans will think. Thank you, god!!! Hoo Rah!!!" The best part about the interviews was that the little 5-year-old kid from Everybody Hates Chris would interview before us. This kid was so cute and I instantly asked anyone if they wanted to follow him instead of us. How do you follow such a cute kid? You can't, we were doomed. Luckily, they went from talking about Barney to talking about Playboy

After an hour of interviews and pictures we finally made it into the party. As I walked in the first person I saw was Ashton Kutcher and the Beauty and The Geek cast. I'm a huge fan of that show. We found a table and sat down. The food looked amazing, but whenever I get to a party I want to mingle. Sitting is so boring to me.

As I was walking around I was getting stopped by a bunch of interviewers from newspapers. I saw Beverly Mitchell from 7th Heaven, whom I met at the Nintendo Wii party. We talked for a bit, and then I saw Guitar Hero. They had three plasma TVs hooked up to PS2 with Guitar Hero plugged in. I was psyched because I've seen the commercial and it looks like so much fun. As I was waiting to play, Cecile from Beauty and The Geek came up and started talking to me. Let's put it this way —  her character on the show is not an act. She was really sweet though. It's funny, I dated a girl from the first Beauty and The Geek (Lauren) before she was on the show, and from knowing her and talking to Cecile, it's a legit show. 

Ashley and I challenged each other at Guitar Hero. That game is so much fun. I felt like Slash playing "Sweet Child of Mine." All I needed was a top hat. I was jumping up and down acting like a pro guitar player even though I can't play a chord. I know Ashley is going to write something about the outcome of the game. It will probably be something along the lines of her beating me twice by a lot. My response to that is I'm a romantic and a very nice guy. You always let girls win. Plus, I was way more entertaining. While she was just concentrating on hitting the right notes, I was playing that bad boy like I was actually in a concert. Who would you rather have: A nerd that hits all the notes or someone that head bangs and acts like a maniac?

As I'm walking into the main room I see two producers who I knew from The Real World. They actually were the ones that cast me and interviewed me for the show. Basically, if it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't have made it on. They were there because now they produce America's Next Top Model, which was great for me. As soon as I saw them they go, "We have a girl you should meet. We think you two would hit it off." They introduced me to the America's Next Top Model winner CariDee, who was stunning. After talking with her for 20 minutes I found out that not only did we live about five minutes away from each other in Parma, Ohio, but we went to the same high school, Normandy. She's only 21, so I was on the show while she was going to Normandy. Talk about a small world though.

Meanwhile, I saw Ashley talking it up with Lil' Kim and I walked over. I thought it was hilarious that we were hanging out with the Queen Bee. She was funny and really nice. I can't believe she just got out of jail. The party was winding down at this point. On my way out I saw CariDee again and told her I was meeting up with some friends at Les Deux and that she should come. She said she was waiting for Melrose Bickerstaff, (America's Next Top Model runner-up) and that she'd call me. I asked Ashley if she wanted to, but she had a long trip to L.A. and had to get up early, so she passed. Boy, did she miss a great time. 

I met up with Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives) and our crew around midnight. We had a table next to Jessica Alba and Kevin Connolly (Entourage). My friend introduced me to him and I go "E" (his character's name on Entourage). I wanted to meet Jessica, but by the time I was going to talk to her she had already left. A lot of people I've hung out with were actually there: Jesse Metcalf, Stryker (radio DJ Love Lines), and the girls from America's Next Top Model finally showed up. So we had an amazing time.

All in all the night was one big party. From the poses on the carpet with a Playboy cover girl, to playing Guitar Hero, to talking to America's Next Top Model and jumping up and down on a table at Les Deux, it doesn't get much better then that. Until next time, be good. Be bad. BE MIZ!!! HOO RAH!!!

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