The Miz Blog: Grammy weekend

The Miz Blog: Grammy weekend

Once again, some people like to go to the Grammys (all award shows are boring to go to, btw). I like to go to the gifting suites and parties.

It started Wednesday with a badass gifting suite where I got so much free stuff. Most of it is junk, just sometimes you get some cool jeans or shirts. It's a lot of chick stuff with lotions and shampoos. Sometimes you get bottles of alcohol. This time my favorite gift I got was the whey protein. As a person that works out all the time, I drink like three protein shakes a day, so this was a huge score because I formed a relationship with them and now I don't have to buy protein anymore. Hell Yeah!!!!  Also, Chipotle promised me a year of free food. Yes, I said that correctly; they are going to give me a card where I can walk in and get whatever I want for free for an entire year. I guess if you really want to meet me, you'll be able to find me at a Chipotle three times a day.

On Thursday, I went to a fashion show where Rihanna performed. The fashion show was OK. I guess the reason is because every time I think of models walking the runway, I think of the Victoria's Secret girls walking down in bras and panties. This just wasn't happening at this fashion show, so I wasn't impressed. I know, what a sleaze, right?

Rihanna got on stage and started performing. Now I've seen Rihanna once before, and she tore the place down. I couldn't believe that she was so young and looked like a veteran on stage. Well this time I wasn't as impressed. She barely sang. It was mostly dancing with a track playing in the background. Granted she's a pretty girl and puts on a fun show, but I just wasn't into it. I popped more when I went upstairs in VIP, and who was standing there? Jay Z. I don't know why, but he's one of those people that every time I see him, I have to go to one of my friends and be like, "Dude, Jay Z's here." My friend usually goes, "Holy sh*t." We were at Ludacris's table next to Jay Z. You're probably asking yourself why would I be around Luda's table. Well one of my friends works for his talent agency, so he knows the entire crew.

As the show was winding down, I found myself next to a pretty brunette. She looked really young, but that didn't stop me from talking to her for a bit. I figured we were walking the same way, might as well conversate. She was really nice and had a sweetness to her. After we parted ways, my friend goes, "Are you kidding?" I was like, "What?" He's like, "Dude, that was Hannah Montana." First, I thought no it wasn't because Hannah Montana is blonde. (BTW: I knew this because there was a sign at one of our shows with Hannah Montana on it and Sign Guy put my face over hers and had the sign read Hannah Miztana.) Very creative. Anyway he's like, "Yeah, Hannah Montana is blonde but it's a wig; that was Miley Cyrus." That's pretty cool in my book and it's refreshing to know that I was talking to a 15-year-old in a club. Sweet Mike ... what a perve? Ha.

We walked to the next party, which was right next door, and ran into Jesse Metcalf who I haven't seen in a while. So we all walk in together and all of a sudden sh*t hits the fan. Jesse puts this dude in a headlock, and I thought he was messing around on the red carpet. Then I see him start jacking this dude.

Seeing Jesse is my friend and cameras are going off, I thought this might not be a good move on his part. I grab Jesse and rip him off this kid and drag him outside. I had no idea why or what was going on until I read about what happened on I didn't realize Jesse got sucker punched and went into Social and beat the crap out of this Mams guy. The funny part is if you look at the pics, you can actually see me ripping Jesse off this kid. I just didn't want Jesse to get into trouble. Lawsuits, you know the drill. So yeah, the pro wrestler breaks up a fight.

Friday was the big night and probably one of the best parties I've been to all year. People Magazine and Verizon Wireless honored Timbaland, so they were having a huge party at Avalon with like four Grammy Artists performing. Ricky and I walked up to the party and our friend gave us the bracelets to go in. As we walked to the front of the red carpet, there were people with computers saying who was on the list to get in. Yeah, this party was high-tech. 

One of the girls looked at me with no expression on her face and said, "You're not on the list." I said, "Huh?" She said that she put the list together, and knew I wasn't on the list. This is normally where that person says you're not getting in, especially the way she was saying it. However, she said the reason she knew I wasn't on the list was because I was her favorite on Real World and if I wasn't on the list, she would've put me on. 

PHHHEWWWW, thought for sure I wasn't getting in. Hell, I even did the red carpet, which normally I dread, but lately I've been getting better at it. Now every time I walk the carpet, I do what The Miz does best - get loud, and say I know you've all been waiting for me (this is after all the A-listers have already went. Kind of a joke to myself) and now some photographers will yell out "THE MIZ" and the flashes start.

After the carpet they said, "You have to go upstairs for your table." I instantly thought, I have a table? Now I knew I didn't, but I wanted to see where this was going. So we went upstairs and who do I see right when I walk in? Miley Cyrus. Yes I was seen talking to a 15-year-old again. It's OK though, because Mario Lopez's table was next to hers and he literally sat down and talked to her for a while. I wonder what could they talk about; she's 15 he's like 35. Maybe "back when I was your age" or fatherly stuff, I hope.

We get to a nice section at the top, and Ian Ziering was chilling with some cute girl. I love that all these peeps I used to watch in elementary school are all still partying it up in L.A. I wonder if I will be like that ... knowing me, probably. You're only as old as you feel.

I swear everyone was at this party: Paris (of course), Lindsay, Pink, Carey Hart, Gavin DeGraw, every American Idol. As a matter of fact, Daughtry's wife was a fan of mine. Ricky and I went over to Daughtry and introduced ourselves and ended up talking for a bit; then his wife came over and was like, "Can we get a picture?" I saw Blake, whom I haven't seen in awhile. Back when he was on Idol, I used to have afterparties and a bunch of them would come. I met Jordin Sparks for the first time; she was really nice.

At this time, Chris Cornell came on. I've always heard good things about him in concert. I was a fan of Soundgarden and Audioslave - not a huge fan, like I never bought a CD, but I wouldn't change the channel if their song was on. He literally blew everyone that played that night out of the water. He sang every Soundgarden and Audioslave song I knew, and when I say sang, he never went to the crowd for the hard parts.

You know what I'm talking about, like when a part in the song requires the singer to hold a long note the singer points the mic to the crowd so the crowd sings it? He didn't do that at all. He was the best rock singer vocals-wise I've ever seen in concert. I wanted to go buy every CD he's ever sang on after.

Timbaland was hosting the entire night and at the end, Missy Elliot came on for the finale. There were rumors that Justin Timberlake was gonna make a surprise appearance, but halfway through their set, Timbaland came to the front of the stage and did something I never thought I'd ever see anyone do. He said, "I'd like to thank my fans that have been there from the beginning and I think it's bullsh*t that I couldn't get some of those people into a party I'm hosting. Whoever didn't let my friends in should be fired. Thank you to the fans but f*ck People Magazine and f*ck Verizon. I'm out."

That wasn't word for word, but you get the gist. Timbaland told the people that were honoring him to go f*ck themselves. That's when you know you're untouchable. I totally understood where he was coming from. Think about it - ever walk up to a club and you can go in, but they won't let your friends in? I hate that. I can't stand when a promoter tells me, "Oh Miz, you're good but you brought three dudes with you; I can't let them in."

It's like, screw that. The reason I go out is to party with my friends. If they're not good enough for your club, then f*ck your club. And that's what Timbaland was saying. I still don't know how his friends couldn't get in. Probably the club was at capacity when they arrived and couldn't let them in because the fire marshal was there. That had to be it. But I must say that was a moment. Talk about being MIZ!!!

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