I'm right here, Knox!

It seems that Mike Knox has a big, big problem with me. I'm happy he's at least not taking it out on his girlfriend because violence against women really isn't cool.

But the problem I have with Mike Knox is after I just got done feeding Rene Dupree my feet for the second week in a row, he tries to stick his nose where it doesn't belong: in my business. And that's cool with me. I'm still ready to go here. I'm standing here. I'm sweating. My heart rate's up. I'm ready to fight again. I'm ready to wrestle and I want to wrestle Mike Knox right here, right now, then and there. He tried to sneak attack me. And he now knows it's not going to fly.

So, Mike Knox, I'm sure you're at home reading this and not paying attention to your girlfriend like you probably should while she's off jumping your fence and trying to get into some other guy's yard. Pay very close attention. If you want to fight, alls you have to do is ask.


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