Will Not Die-aries: Thoughts on my past, present and future

Will Not Die-aries: Thoughts on my past, present and future

With a career surrounded by controversy and struggle, Matt Hardy has risen to become one of the most charismatic, resilient and popular competitors on the SmackDown roster. In his brand-new biweekly feature, this fan-favorite lets WWE.com readers get one step closer to his experience as a WWE Superstar.

Matt Hardy will not die... and he will not disappoint in this WWE.com exclusive column.

Hello, gals and guys! That's right, Matt Hardy is back on WWE.com, and will be right here on a regular basis in the future. I want to welcome each and every one of you to the first ever installment of my "Will Not Die-aries."

There have been so many great and exciting things going on in my professional life recently. So, I thought it would be an appropriate topic to start with by giving my personal overview of my current career status.

In May 2007, I find myself in the best position I've ever been in professionally. I am one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, along with my brother, Jeff, on the Raw brand. On the SmackDown brand, I've been on a successful singles run, as I've defeated top stars such as Mr. Kennedy and King Booker in the last few weeks. I feel like I'm the closest that I've ever been to achieving my ultimate career goal and dream — becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

My entire career people have told me I couldn't accomplish my dream of becoming the "man" in WWE. I live to defy the odds. I live to give the dreamers hope. I live to prove my critics wrong. I live to inspire others by example — that anyone can accomplish anything they want if they work hard enough and believe in themselves. Exist to Inspire is much more than the title of my autobiography; it's my way of life. Let me refresh everyone's memory with a quick trip down my history lane.

I remember in high school, there was a group of people who laughed at my dreams of being a professional wrestler for WWE. They not only laughed, they said it was impossible. I proved them wrong. When I performed on WWE television as an extra talent, local wrestlers and promoters told me I'd never make it because I would be labeled a "loser." I proved them wrong.

When Jeff and I split, the majority of diehard wrestling fans thought Jeff would succeed and I would fail — but "Mattitude" was born. I proved them wrong. When I lost my job after the whole "situation" with Edge and Lita in 2005, some of those same people thought I would never succeed in WWE again. I proved them wrong, too. 

The majority of people never thought I'd thrive and flourish in the upper echelon of WWE after "rocking the boat." I'm proving them wrong now. A lot of those same people don't ever think I can win the big one either. To prove them wrong drives me. But nowhere near as much as the people who believe in me — they drive me harder than anything else does. You'll never quite be able to understand how much your support means to me. I always feel like a victory for me is a victory for "us." For every so-called pro wrestling "journalist" or "specialist" who creates opinions based on past or present actions, there are thousands of "us" that believe future actions will lead to dreams materializing and believe that anything is possible.

My "I Will Not Die" motto is not a phony catch phrase for a character or a gimmick — it's my life's theory. If you're a fan of mine, I think I'm an inspiring human being that you can look to for a source of strength and drive, for a reason to keep fighting the good fight. And if you're not a fan of mine, I'm like a cockroach that no matter how many times you smash it, stomp it or squash it, you can't kill it. Regardless of how you view me, one thing I can promise you is this: Matt Hardy will never change.

That brings me to the present day in the WWE, and where I see my future going. Last Friday on SmackDown, Edge strategically cashed in Money in the Bank and became the World Heavyweight Champion. If you know the history between Edge and I, you'd probably think I'm disgusted by him becoming the World Champion. I'm not. I'm actually ecstatic.

Why, you ask? Have I had a change of heart when it comes to Edge? Absolutely not. I despise him more than I ever have. After all the grief and pain he's put me through, I'm actually happy he's a member of the SmackDown brand and the champion. The ultimate gratification for me would be to hurt Edge by defeating him for the World Heavyweight Championship. This time around, I'm ready.

When I first returned to battle Edge in 2005, I was in a dark, confused place in my life. I was fueled by revenge and hatred in a way that wasn't career-healthy. I wasn't fully focused on defeating Edge to better my career; I was obsessed with destroying him for personal reasons. I let my emotions get the best of me.

Fast-forward to the year 2007 on SmackDown. I'm smarter, focused, healthier and at the top of my game with no distractions. I dropped the biggest legdrop in the history of WWE and pinned Edge in our Unforgiven Steel Cage Match in 2005. There's nothing that could stop me from pinning Edge again, and winning the World Heavyweight Championship in the process.

I've stated many times that I feel like 2007 is my year. Nothing would prove that better than me defeating my mortal enemy to win the biggest prize in this business.

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