Matt's Mailbag for 9/12

Since his arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment, Matt Hardy's daredevil antics and never say die attitude have made him one of the most popular Superstars of all time. WWE Fans have supported Matt through thick and thin. Through the emotional events in his personal life to his amazing triumphs in the ring, the fans and Matt Hardy have always stood together. 

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Matt's Mailbag for September 12, 2006

Dear Matt,
I remember when I was younger, a fan in front of me on line for an autograph signing from you and Jeff, had an "accident" in her pants and ran away crying. Remembering this gives me an idea for a question… What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done at an autograph signing or when you met them?
Chris from North Babylon, NY

First off, thanks for coming out to our autograph session back in the day Chris. And bless the girl's heart that pissed her pants. There have been a myriad of crazy things fans have done to meet Jeff and I, or just to get close to us. The most outrageous thing a fan has ever done is offer sex to our Dad. That's right, you read that correctly. A female Hardy Boyz fan offered sex to our father. I guess this girl thought if she was having sexual relations with the legendary Claude G. Hardy, she would be a step closer to getting one of his sons. After my Dad told me that a younger girl (around 25) wanted to start having sleepovers at his house, he realized what she was up to. It was especially a giveaway when she kept asking when Jeff or I would be over, or if my Dad would take her to our respective houses. The audacity of that young lady! The funny thing is that my Dad couldn't stop smiling when I asked him if he actually hooked up with this girl. I think she thought she was going to use my Dad, but I speculate it ended up the exact opposite way. Claude G. is 70 years old and still got game, HA!

I just recently watched the new McMahon DVD, and I realized that he has been doing a lot of wrestling lately. What is your relationship like with Vince? And if you could ever take him on in a match, what kind of match would it be?

My relationship with Vince is boss-employee, and it's fine as long as I don't do anything he dislikes--that's how it goes in the WWE. I further explain our relationship in the "You're Fired" chapter of his new DVD. If I could take on Mr. McMahon in any match, I would definitely want it to be a ladder match. To win the match, you would have to get the briefcase hanging above the ladder, which would contain Vince's yearly salary. That idea is money in my humble opinion, I smell the ratings now. With Mr. McMahon's salary on the line, that would be one match that I'm not gonna lose, LOL.

Recently on SmackDown, Mr. Kennedy beat Finlay and Lashley to win the U.S. Championship. A lot of people don't know that you are the only person to ever pin Mr. Kennedy. Do you think he owes you a shot at his gold?

Hell yeah! Matt Hardy declares Mr. Kennedy owes V1 a shot at his United States Championship! I was the first person to defeat Kennedy--giving the talented Smackdown superstar his first pinfall loss in the WWE. I have Mr. Kennedy's number, and I want the U.S. Championship, it's a title I've never held. As soon as I get through dealing with Gregory Helms, I'm gunning for Ken Kennedy's championship. Matt Hardy, United States Champion--now that has a good ring to it!

What's your favorite way to relax when you get home after a long road trip?

I turn all the lights out in my house, light up my candles, crank up my current favorite songs, submerge myself in my hot-tub and drink a couple of cold, alcoholic beverages. For me, it doesn't get any better than that.

As you know, your brother will be challenging Johnny Nitro for the Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven. You have fought Nitro several times on SmackDown so you are pretty familiar with his style of wrestling. How do you think Jeff will fare, and what kind of advice are you going to give him?

Right now, I think my brother Jeff is more driven and focused than he's ever been in his career. Jeff has everything together in his life right now, and a return to the WWE has capped it off. I know he personally is motivated to succeed as a "screw you" to all the negative critics that said he was done. Given Jeff's focused mindset and will to succeed, it would be hard for me to imagine him leaving Unforgiven without being the Intercontinental Champion. I have to give credit to Johnny Nitro though, as he has improved so much over the last year or so. Nitro is an incredible athlete who could beat anyone at any time, and he's only getting better. Johnny has a very athletic, unorthodox, high-impact move set, much like RVD. My brother has to avoid getting hit with Nitro's high impact moves that can end the match at any time. Jeff needs to slow Nitro down as much as possible, make the champ work a ground game, and then catch him with something devastating moves when the opportunity arises. And then Swanton his ass for the three count. All I personally want to hear at the end of the match is this--your winner, and new Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Hardy!

Yo Matt,
Being as you are from NC, you know about the rivalries between the colleges around here.  Do you have a specific college you pull for?
Nick from Clinton, NC

Great question Nick. My favorite college team is UNC, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Quite often you'll see me sporting "Carolina Blue" representing the UNC Tarheels. I was very close to attending UNC for college, so maybe that's why they stand out as my favorite North Carolina collegiate team. Usually the fans of a North Carolina college team despise the other competing schools, but not me. If UNC isn't in the game or playoffs, I always pull for a North Carolina school, whether it's NC State, Wake Forest, or Duke. I also represent all these teams by sporting their basketball jerseys, which I wear quite often.

I'm a big fan of the Bangin' With Ashley column on What do you think of her column? In it, she talks about what kind of music is on her IPOD. So, what's on your IPOD?

I absolutely love Bangin' with Ashley! I am a huge fan of Bangin' with Ashley! Nobody loves Bangin' with Ashley more than me! I think the gorgeous Miss Massaro does a great job with her column. She does a great job of introducing you to new music and artists, while incorporating fun stories and wrestling themes to keep your attention. She has actually turned me on to quite a few new bands and songs. In response to what's on my IPOD, I'm going to look into my most played songs. The bands that I'm rockin' out to recently includes Angels and Airwaves, Hurt, Blink 182, Slipknot, A Perfect Circle, Tool, Pearl Jam, and Public Enemy. My favorite songs at the moment are Rapture, Falls Apart, House Carpenter (Hurt), Distraction, A Little's Enough, The Adventure, Do It For Me Now (Angels and Airwaves), Gone, Life Wasted, Come Back (Pearl Jam), and Vicarious (Tool).

Thanks again for checking out Matt's Mailbag, the column is growing and gaining popularity by leaps and bounds, and we will soon take over! The second week garnered a bigger audience and more hits then the record-breaking first week! Keep sending those questions in, and I'll keep answering them--and thanks for supporting me.

I also want to take a second to reflect on 9/11, which I can't believe it's been 5 years since it happened. I remember being in Houston and watching CNN trying to comprehend what was happening to our country. Five years later, we still feel the effects of September 11th, 2001, but we still stand tall as Americans. Along with Ashley, I just visited the Pentagon and Walter Reid hospital in Washington, DC last Friday. Ashley and I were there to meet injured troops that were just returning home from the war in Iraq. It was truly awe-inspiring to see and feel the spirits of these injured men and women. These courageous people have lost eyes, hands, arms and legs, all in the battle against terrorism--to keep you and I free and safe. And they had no regrets, they were proud to serve their country. To the men and women of the military that are out there fighting for our freedom, thank you. Thank you from Matt Hardy.

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