Matt's Mailbag for 10/24

Since his arrival in World Wrestling Entertainment, Matt Hardy's daredevil antics and never say die attitude have made him one of the most popular Superstars of all time. WWE Fans have supported Matt through thick and thin. Through the emotional events in his personal life to his amazing triumphs in the ring, the fans and Matt Hardy have always stood together. 

Matt's Mailbag for October 24, 2006 

I know everyone wants to know if the Hardy Boyz will ever get back together, but instead of you guys joining up, what are the chances of you joining up with a certain other group… say…… DX? What do you think of DX?

That's a very interesting question Mike. I know that Jeff and I will re-team as the Hardy Boyz, even if it's for one night only. The possibility of joining up with DX would be a very interesting scenario. Degeneration X is meant to be a cool, cutting edge act, and I definitely feel Jeff and I are cool. Actually, I feel like we're the coolest two guys in the WWE. If the Hardy Boyz were to join forces with Triple H and HBK, it would most certainly be the coolest version of Degeneration X EVER. I dig the concept and entertainment behind DX - and I also think it would be alot of fun to be involved with two of the biggest WWE superstars ever. So, you never know. This is the WWE, and anything can happen in the WWE. So if you aren't down with that DX, I got two words for ya - Hardy Boyz!

I'm a big fan of your entrance music. I was wondering, did you choose that yourself? And, would you ever consider picking a new song? 
-Kieran in Long Island, NY

Thanks Kieran, I'm a big fan of my entrance music as well. I actually didn't choose it myself--it was actually made as a Hardy Boyz song for the Forceable Entry CD. When Jeff and I went our separate ways, he kept the original Hardy Boyz theme, and I was having new music made. In the interim, I was going to use my current theme "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet. I remember the first time it was played for me was in Minneapolis when I wrestled the Undertaker and had Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in my corner. I didn't feel the song as entrance music at first. It grew on me very quickly though, and I couldn't hardly imagine coming out to anything different now. But as time goes on, the Matt Hardy character will change, and I'm sure one day my music will as well. But for now, let's kept rocking out and getting pumped when we hear "Ohhh Yeeaaaahhhhhh!"

What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
- Frank in Port St. Lucie, FL

If you ever run into me at a bar and want to buy my a drink, here's what you need to know. My favorite beer is Michelob Ultra. My favorite mixed drinks are Margaritas and Red Bull/Vodkas. My favorite shots are Vodka, Tequila, and Jagermeister. So if you're a female trying to pick me up, these are the items that might just give you the opportunity to get me drunk and take advantage of me. Wait, did I just say that out loud? I mean type that for everyone to see? Hell yeah I did, LOL!

Hey Matt,
I'm thinking about joining my high school wrestling team. Did you wrestle when you were in high school? 
-Thomas in Flint, Michigan

Unfortunately, no, I didn't wrestle in high school. But it wasn't because I didn't want to - it was because my high school, Union Pines, was so small that it didn't offer amateur wrestling at the time. As luck would have it, the year after I graduated they instituted an amateur wrestling program. My brother Jeff wrestled his last couple of years in high school until they kicked him off the team for being a "professional wrestler". True story. The coaches of the wrestling team seemed to think they would get in trouble for having a high school wrestler who made money and accepted 15 dollar paydays for being a "pro" wrestler. Needless to say, Jeff continued to accept indy bookings and didn't mind sacrificing his high school wrestling career. But in closing, I think it would be a great idea for you to join your high school wrestling team Thomas. I wish I would have had the opportunity to learn more about amateur wrestling. But, I continually pick up bits and pieces as time goes on.

Matt --
Has there ever been a time when you considered leaving the wrestling business?
Thomas in Columbus, Ohio

Absolutely not. There was one time they ran me off by firing me--but that didn't even last the length of my 90 day no-compete clause. They love me here at the WWE, even if I am the black sheep of the Hardyz, HA!

I'd like to take a few moments to talk about my recent trip with SmackDown to the Philippines, more specifically Manila. I performed in Manila on Saturday and Sunday of last week, in front of two jammed packed sold out crowds of around 15,000 people. Although it was a tough schedule travel-wise, it was one of the most fun international trips I've ever had. We arrived in Manila on Thursday, and had a full day of sightseeing, shopping, getting massages, and most importantly, partying. Anywhere I went, everyone recognized me and wanted a picture and autograph - the WWE's popularity over there is INCREDIBLE. Both Thursday and Friday nights, myself and the CCB (inside terminology, try your best to figure out who it is and what it means) tore down the nightlife in Manila. Some of the stories are so amazing you wouldn't even believe me if I told you, HA! During the course of those couple of days, it once again reiterated how great my life is, and how fortunate I've been. I've been blessed to do what I love, living my life as a WWE pro wrestler/sports entertainer. And to see the world along the way, as well as experience all walks of life and cultures, is an added bonus. The WWE fans in Manila were fantastic when it came to showing support for the wrestlers. Their enthusiasm was off the charts. So from Matt Hardy, here's a big thank you to all of the great fans in the Philippines.

On the subject of fans, here's a big thank you to everyone who has supported me along my amazing journey in the WWE. I've had my ups and downs, but one thing has remained constant -I never quit, I never stop, I never die. When you look at Matt Hardy, I want you to see someone who busted his ass to achieve his goals and dreams. Not someone who was handed a great career, but someone who struggled, sacrificed, survived, and succeeded to EARN a great career. I am the face of resilience, I am the definition of perseverance. I refuse to be denied, because I believe in myself, and I thank those who believe in me. In a lot of ways, I feel like I'm living "The Dream" - someone who came from nothing to fulfill and physically live his childhood dream. For those of you who have a dream, it can happen. I'm a living example of that. And don't ever give up on yourself or your dream. I never did and I still have dreams I refuse to give up on. Regardless of how many people say "I can't", I say "I can". Matt Hardy's time is coming, much sooner than later...

I also want to touch on another subject that relates more to relationships and life experiences. As hard as it is in life to always be honest, even when you know it's gonna hurt someone or cause friction, it's the right thing to do. The old expression of "honesty is the best policy" holds true more often than not. I would rather have someone be honest to me and let me know their true feelings, even if they think it's going to offend me. And I prefer to be as honest as possible when it comes to dealing with others. I don't like to waste people's time or feelings, nor do I want my time wasted. Sometimes people don't like to hear what you really feel, but in the end they'll have a respect for you for not misleading them. You have to listen to your heart, but you have to also think with your mind. If you can get those two items in sync, everything will be just fine. But getting your mind and heart on the same page is not always that easy. Bottom line, to maintain strong friendships and relationships with people, just do the right thing - be honest. Don't tell people what they want to hear, tell them what they need to hear - the truth - as it relates to any given situation. Don't harbor unsureness or doubt--it will only manifest into a bigger problem eventually. And if something's wrong, do your best to address it and try to correct it. Don't throw away valuable closeness because you were too afraid to confront a concern or problem you have with someone. The worse thing you can do is ignore a concern and hope it just goes away. When you have an issue with someone important to you, the best thing you can do is meet it head on, and figure out if it can be solved or not. Hopefully what I've said will make you think - it was just on my mind and I felt like sharing it with you all...

This week's quote--

"He who forgets, will be destined to remember" Nothingman, Pearl Jam

Seeya next week, thanks for reading.


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