Diary of Violence - 06/24/06

"You should always acknowledge and cherish the past, but not live in it". Quote the Dreamer Nevermore

A personal philosophy that really holds true right now. We all want to recapture those amazing ECW moments. We can never relive the past. Your first kiss, your first love, or the first time you stood next to a complete stranger and chanted ECW, ECW, because you were so engulfed with emotion for what you were watching. We all shared together the passion of ECW…. I know new ECW moments will happen, just give us a chance. I know the world is watching with very critical eyes. I get it. We love ECW we want it to be exactly the same. That is gonna be hard, but I am going to die trying.

The premier ECW show was not what we had anticipated (ok, ok the zombie was one of the worst things ever). If it is a consolation prize for some of the Extreme Diehards, I got some brand new scars on my bicep due to a Big Show press slam through a table. It would not be an ECW show without Tommy Dreamer bleeding, beaten, lit on fire or whatever horrible physical fate becomes me. The “Second Premier “was a whole lot better. I have a whole new batch of bruises on my back thanks to being hurled into steel steps. My face and forehead are nice and lumpy, due to the Big Show’s catcher’s mitt size hands punching me. Innovators note (hey Show you are not that tough because I can still type this column). Big Show you need to learn that if you want to be accepted in ECW you have to prove your worth. You have to be accepted by the fans but more importantly you need to become an Extreme Giant. That is gonna be hard, but I am going to die trying.

If you are an ECW fan stick with us, we have overcome much bigger obstacles together. Watch ECW the same way, never know what to anticipate and wait for your moment. I would like to give a Randy Orton a shout out for his ECW moment. The guy popped his shoulder out in the match, had Lita put it back in and continued to wrestle. Randy Orton had passion and got a taste of ECW style match. Randy you are tough. You got my respect. Hell every guy in that match busted their ass.
 I can not tell you how much I am looking forward to going to the ECW Arena on Saturday. My greatest moments happened in that building. I do not know who I will be wrestling, that day will be full of emotion.  SOUTH PHILLY I AM COMING HOME. I know I will have a new moment. I am going to be reborn or die trying.
Tommy Dreamer

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