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HoHo Lun







Hong Kong, China

Signature Move

German Suplex

HoHo Lun

HoHo Lun: Bio

HoHo Lun

For some, suffering a barrage of kicks and knees to every available extremity might seem like a nightmare. For HoHo Lun’s opponents, it was simply a fact of life. This former Cruiserweight competitor is something of a living legend in the East, where he founded the Hong Kong Pro Wrestling Federation, giving himself the perfect platform to leave trails of broken men across China and Japan.

He broke boundaries, too, becoming the first wrestler from Hong Kong to compete in a WWE ring when he participated in the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic. The lightning-fast Lun went on to wrestle in NXT before departing WWE in July 2017 to return home to Hong Kong.

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