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Hank Walker

In WWE, anything goes and anyone can become a Superstar. Just ask Hank Walker, who was a security officer before transitioning to the squared circle.

Walker was seen in many backstage moments, keeping the peace between the many intense NXT Superstars and making a name for himself with his no-nonsense attitude. This attitude would draw the ire of Javier Bernal, and the two started a rivalry that would define Walker’s legacy.

On the NXT 2.0 One-Year Anniversary show, Walker faced off against Bernal and came out victorious, securing a WWE contract in the process. Since then, Walker teamed up with Drew Gulak to hone his skills, but Gulak betrayed him and left the upstart Walker on his own.

Now that Walker is a bona fide Superstar, the rest of the NXT locker room better watch out.

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