J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Edge and Randy Orton

Each week on WWE.com, based on the events seen on RAW, Jim Ross will give his opinion on which Superstar he thought was the RAW Superstar of the Week:


It was another interesting week on RAW, with several memorable performances by a variety of individuals, which makes selecting the coveted RAW Superstar of the Week another challenge. After careful consideration over a rack of baby back ribs slathered in J.R.’s BBQ Chipolte Sauce, my decision is final. This week’s RAW Superstar of the Week is the duo of Edge and Randy Orton. More on that momentarily.


This week’s RAW was a really eclectic show with lots of sizzle and something for just about everyone. The Los Angeles crowd is to be commended as the 17,000-plus who sold out the STAPLES Center really added to the presentation. I read that someone inferred that I mentioned the number as if I pulled it out of my, er, hat. So within two sentences of coming on the air, some cynics already had something to bitch about.


One of the pleasant surprises of the night for me was the positive crowd reaction the new tag team Cryme Tyme received. JTG and Shad represented themselves well for rookies and I expect great things from this new duo. (Watch Cryme Tyme's match)


It seems that interesting days lie ahead for the Spirit Squad, too. Kenny was somewhat peeved at his teammates Monday night. It was reminiscent of a Terrell Owens-like tirade when T.O. was a Philadelphia Eagle.


I love Jeff Hardy’s renewed passion for the ring and have enjoyed watching Jeff return to the WWE red hot and ready to establish his legacy. Jeff is the type of athlete that can really make the IC Title a fun and unpredictable title to follow on Monday Night RAW.


Can you believe that next week will be Monday Night RAW broadcast No. 700? That’s an amazing accomplishment that will probably mean more in the years to come than it does today. Congrats to all who have been a vital part of the “flagship broadcast” of the WWE. (Sorry, Mr. A-Team, JBL.)


Shelton Benjamin did a couple of physical things in the ring on RAW this week that reconfirms what many of us have been saying for quite some time – Benjamin is arguably the best pure athlete in any WWE brand. The South Carolinian is an athletic freak.


A redneck friend of mine asked me a funny question today: “What does that K-Fed dude do for a living?”


I was really starting to like the Carlito-Conway match on RAW this week when it abruptly ended with Carlito’s Backcracker. Carlito gets the most pub, but never underestimate the wrestling ability of Rob Conway. That was an impressive win for the “Southpaw from San Juan.”


Does Maria have a viable chance against Lita in the semifinals of the WWE Women’s Championship Tournament? At one point in time I would have said no, but I am not so sure anymore. Perhaps we will find out in Chicago (Rosemont) this Monday night. I look forward to seeing many of my friends who play with the Chicago Bears on hand at the Allstate Arena.


RAW featured a big-time main event from Los Angeles. Triple H vs. Orton is great stuff, even though Orton “tweaked” his knee, which hampered his movement somewhat. The younger Edge and Orton will threaten DX seriously, especially if Mr. McMahon somehow endorses Edge and Orton's crusade, which would not surprise me. DX has been on fire since winning the Hell in a Cell match versus Mr. McMahon and Shane McMahon, but all good things do have to come to an end. I assure you the McMahons win in the end much more often than not nor does the most powerful family in sports entertainment easily forget. Unforgiven’s Hell in a Cell will never be forgotten by the McMahon men folk. 


Edge and Orton got DX’s attention from the get go of the show Monday night and had a plan well in place to defeat DX until Orton injured his knee, which I hear is now OK, and almost pulled off their plan. I look at it like this; Orton and Edge have a ton to gain by eventually dominating DX. Edge and Orton threw down the gauntlet. Even though DX came out on top Monday night one has to wonder what sort of plan Orton and Edge Triple H, which is nothing to be ashamed of, I believe Edge and Orton accomplished what they set out to do Monday night, get inside the head of DX, two of the WWE’s masters of  mindgames and intimidation. This is going to be a very interesting story to follow.(Watch Triple H vs. Randy Orton from RAW)


This week on www.jrsbarbq.com I take a look at my friendship with the Texas Rattlesnake Stone Cold Steve Austin. Check it out if you have a minute.



Boomer Sooner!



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