Diva Dish: Divas thrill Europe

Diva Dish: Divas thrill Europe

In this week's Diva Dish, follow Natalya, Maria, Divas Champion Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Women's Champion Beth Phoenix and Layla as Raw, SmackDown and ECW tour Europe.

European tour
Many of the Raw and SmackDown Divas have been busy traveling through Europe this week, entertaining our fans from France to England to Germany. Read on for the Divas' thoughts on their whirlwind tour. (PHOTOS)

"So far it's been amazing. We've been in a different city every single day. The fans react differently in every town," Natalya said. "In Nice, it was one of the loudest groups of fans I've ever heard. They were explosive with energy. In Wales, they were a little more refined, and there were a lot of children."

The third-generation Diva said she's been hitting it off with her SmackDown tag team partner, Maryse.

"On the first night, we joined several of our friends and we jumped into the Mediterranean on the French Riviera at 3 in the morning!" she said. "And the All-American Girl and little miss Playboy model, Maria, they can mess with the best, but they're going to go down with the rest."

Maria told Diva Dish she enjoys returning to Europe not only to see the latest fashions, but to also enjoy time with our fans.

"It's always so nice coming over here. Our fans are so appreciative because they don't get to see us every day. It has been so much fun," Maria said.

As for Natalya, Maria said she's never been intimidated by her fellow SmackDown Diva, no matter which country they're competing in.

"Natalya likes to talk about my dog, but I don't even think she could beat my five-pound Chihuahua. I think Gemini would whoop her butt because it seems every night, I might be getting the best of her!" Maria said. "They're great opponents and Maryse likes to flip her hair, so it's been entertaining."

Michelle McCool -- who will be challenged tonight by Maria for the Divas Championship on SmackDown -- said the European tour has been amazing.

"Our crowds have been crazy -- sold out and loud!" the Divas Champ said. "You're tired, you're worn down from not sleeping, but as soon as you walk through, all your aches, all your pains, all your worries go away because it's just that exciting over here and it's just that fun to perform."

McCool particularly enjoyed visiting a U.S. military base with ECW Champion Matt Hardy and Maria. (PHOTOS)

"We visited several hundred troops and their family members. We signed autographs and took pictures. That was really cool. When we can give back to the real heroes, that's what I find rewarding," McCool said.

The All-American Girl also wanted to thank her many loved ones who came to see SmackDown in Orlando last week.

"I'm a Florida girl, so Orlando was a lot of fun for me. I had 25 family members and friends there. They were out in the front row just having the time of their lives. That was a blast!" she said.

Several of the Divas have been spending their free time in Europe shopping for the latest fashions and make up.

"Candice Michelle, CM Punk and I had the day off, so we decided to go shopping to this really, really cool mall," Kelly Kelly told Diva Dish. "I got a sweater and Candice got some nice smelling perfume. I got her some lip gloss; we got the same ones."

World Tag Team Champion Punk bestowed some of his fashion knowledge on the Divas during their shopping spree.

"We always like a guy's opinion, and Punk will actually tell you if he likes it or if he hates it. He's a great judge," Kelly Kelly said. "The stuff we picked out he liked. So that was cool."

Maryse has been hitting up some of Europe's hottest boutiques, and spent plenty of British Pounds in London.

"I bought this amazing pair of Gucci sunglasses and Burberry purse. London is recognized all over the world for their amazing stuff," the SmackDown Diva said.

"When I got back to my hotel, people were amazed to see that I was in the first cab, and the second one following me was full of all my bags!" she laughed.

"I'm a star. I'm on TV every week. I do a lot of appearances. I have a lot of things to do. I have a lot going on, so I always need stuff," Maryse told Diva Dish. "I need to look good and I know how to make myself look good. That's what I do. It's for the pleasure of all my fans; it's not just for me."

Women's Champion Beth Phoenix said no matter where she and her boyfriend, Santino Marella, visit in Europe, they're given a warm welcome, especially in Italy. (PHOTOS)

"We went to do little sightseeing. We saw the Colosseum. I met his family and his friends," The Glamazon said. "And of course we were mobbed by Santino Marella fans all across Italy. I've always seen it in him. He's really appreciated in Italy and hopefully we'll get the chance to go back again."

Touring Europe hasn't been 100 percent enjoyable, though. Not only did Marella lose the Intercontinental Championship to William Regal on Raw this week, but Glamarella has been harassed by paparazzi in nearly every city.

"We need our alone time, too. Paparazzi hanging from trees and hiding behind bushes is a little much," Phoenix said.

Finally, Layla was happy to return to the United Kingdom this week. It's the country where she was born and raised.

"The tour has been amazing. We've had some great shows and we've had some great moments. It's just getting used to the cold weather -- I'm such a little baby!" she laughed.

"Wherever I lay my hat is my home. I feel very comfortable coming back to the U.K. because I know this. This is my heritage," Layla said. "I do miss Miami a lot. You can't beat that sunny weather. L.A. I like, too, but I'll make any one of them my home. I miss Miami, and I do miss London sometimes. For now, I'm making the most of L.A. and eventually I'll move back to Miami and settle down."

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