Diva Dish: Maria sizes up L.A. Fashion Week

Diva Dish: Maria sizes up L.A. Fashion Week

In this week's Diva Dish, Maria attends L.A. Fashion Week, Kelly Kelly gets into the Halloween spirit, Katie Lea rocks out in Florida, and Victoria and Lena Yada celebrate their budding friendship.

Fashion Week
WWE's fashionista Diva is headed to Los Angeles Fashion Week. While Maria won't be strutting down the catwalk, she will be in attendance at several designers' shows. (MARIA'S LATEST PHOTOS)

"I think I'm seeing up to seven shows of different fashion designers this week. I can't wait. It's like a dream to be involved in these kinds of things for me. I love fashion. I love clothes," she said.

"I know I'm going to be seeing Christian Audigier. I've worn his stuff and been in his stores -- in L.A. there's a billion of them. A lot of the guys wear him. So I'm really excited to see his show."

Maria -- a budding fashion designer who creates many of her in-ring outfits -- told Diva Dish that to her, clothes are a statement.

"It's something you can say without saying a word," the SmackDown Diva stated. (MARIA'S WWE UNIVERSE BLOG)

Get spooked
Kelly Kelly
told Diva Dish it's no secret that she's a big fan of horror. To get into the spirit of the season, she and her sister recently visited Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, Fla. (PHOTOS OF KELLY KELLY'S TAG TEAM WIN ON RAW)

"It was so scary," she said. "There were 10 different haunted houses. My sister and I walked through them. I was holding on to her and she was grabbing some random guy! I was nuzzled into her back. Of course, I'm the older sister and she's the one helping me!"

The Raw Diva said she's been to the haunted attraction before, but that doesn't stop her from getting spooked each time she gladly returns.

"I love to be scared, I love haunted houses, I love horror. I love horror movies in general, so going to haunted houses and stuff like that -- I love it."

Rock out
While recently out "recruiting" for her "army of boys," Katie Lea and a friend hit up a concert in St. Petersburg, Fla. (KATIE LEA'S WWE UNIVERSE BLOG)

"The headliners were Trivium and All That Remains. I've been a Trivium fan for two or three years now. Back in London, I used to cage dance in a rock club, so I liked a lot of different heavy metal. Trivium was, by far, the best band," the Raw Diva explained.

"It was a double-headline with All That Remains, who are also up there as one of my favorite bands. I never heard of them before, but as soon as they came on stage, I fell in love with the lead singer, instantly. I would have recruited him for my army of boys, but he was gone right after the show, so I didn't get the chance."

A new BFF?
The bond between Victoria and Lena Yada continues to grow stronger, as the Divas have been spending much of their free time together. But Victoria isn't surprised she's been so popular lately.

"Lena and I have a lot in common. Natalya better watch her step because I'm easily persuaded. I think Natalya is getting a little jealous, and so is Lena," Victoria said. "I've always made friends and they'd get jealous of who'd I hang out with more. This reminds me a little bit of high school days. I'm a very good friend. I'm very loyal. But if you diss me once, you're going to know about it."

Lena told Diva Dish that she adores Victoria like a sister and thinks Natalya hasn't been putting in enough effort as Victoria's friend lately.

"To be a BFF, you've got to be there all the time and have fun with each other and get to know each other," the ECW Diva said.

While traveling with WWE, Victoria and Lena have been enjoying new experiences together, especially when it comes to local customs and cuisine.

"We went out to grab some sushi one night, and I was amazed -- she ate almost everything I ordered for her," Lena explained.

"I was amazed because when you order shrimp sushi, they also bring out the shrimp head, completely deep-fried, and you eat the whole head. So that was my little test for her," Lena said. "And she ate it and she was like, ‘I love this!' We both ate it at the same time. I was just amazed. That just made me love her even more as a friend!"

The SmackDown Diva concurred about their mutual love of exotic food and traditions.

"Outside of wrestling, Lena and I like to experience different cultures. We'll eat anything -- even fried shrimp heads -- Sweet Shrimp is what they call them. And it was delicious! Everyone at the table sitting with us were looking and just saying, ‘No way, no way!,' Victoria laughed. (MORE ON VICTORIA AND LENA'S FRIENDSHIP)

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