Diva Dish: Dream dates

Diva Dish: Dream dates

This week in Diva Dish, Torrie Wilson, Kristal, Kelly Kelly, Brooke, Layla, Cherry and Maryse reveal their ideal romantic dates; Queen Sharmell enjoys a getaway with her royal love; and Victoria gets lucky.


Diva dating, part two
Last week in Diva Dish we shared the Raw Divas' favorite end-of-summer dates. This week, take a peek into the romantic dream dates of some of SmackDown's and ECW's Sexiest Women on Television.

"I like getting up early, driving to the beach -- somewhere very beautiful -- and hanging out at the beach all day long, until like five or six," Torrie Wilson said. "We'd go Jet Skiing or boating, and lay in the sun for as long as possible. I'd have my dogs with me, too. That's the best summer date!"

Just like last week, it seems the beach is a popular date destination with the Divas.

"It's pretty simple. When Teddy and I have time to relax, we like to wake up early and get to the beach around 10 a.m. We lay out a little bit, and eat some fruit. When it gets too hot, we go and grab some tacos," Kristal explained.

"So yeah, we go to the beach, hang out, have something to eat, go back to the house, take a nap, wake up, go shopping. I like to take it easy. I'd also like to go on a nice, romantic hike, and have some dinner and some wine," the future Mrs. Theodore Long said.

Florida native Kelly Kelly is at home on the beach, especially when it comes to romantic dates.

"I love the beach. I was raised by the beach, and I'm always there. So it would have to be a romantic dinner on the beach, or something like that," the ECW beauty said.

Kelly Kelly's Extreme Exposé partner, Brooke, seems to have the same mindset.

"My perfect summer date would be an all-day kind of thing. We'd get up early, have breakfast in bed. Then we'd hit up the beach," Brooke explained. "After that, go back, shower, get a little massage. Then we'd get ready to go to a club, and just hang out all night."

Rounding out the ECW trio is Layla, who told Diva Dish she'll skip the beach, but she is still all for spending the day in the sun with a loved one.

"I like the pool better than the beach, so I'd like to spend the day by the pool, overlooking the beach, if possible. It could be in California or Miami, which I love. Maybe we'd go out for a nice lunch. I'd make it a whole day event," Layla mused.

"After getting a tan, we could go home, shower and then go out for a really nice meal. Anything on Miami Beach would be nice, like Nobu or Prime 112. Then, we could go to a nightclub. And we can finish off the night, you know, on the beach," Layla giggled.

Like the other Divas, Cherry loves being by the sea, but she's interested in a little old-fashioned fun, too.

"My perfect summer date would definitely be on the beach, because I love the water. I'd like a fun day at the beach with a night walk on the boardwalk, and a little dinner -- nothing fancy. I'd like to spend more time walking around and going on rides and stuff like that!" Cherry smiled.

Finally, Maryse said she's all about warm weather and romance in exotic locales.

"I think it's very sensual to go to the South, to take a week or just five days, to go to an island like Barbados. Some people think it's cheesy, but I think it's adorable going to the beach. I love seafood. I think the warm weather is perfect for love. You know, I'm romantic. I am French!" the SmackDown Diva giggled.

"Also I think a super nice date is going on a boat. I love boating in the summer. I just moved to Tampa. But even in Montreal, I used to travel a lot. The best times I had in the summer I was always traveling," she continued. "So yeah, I think that's awesome -- a nice yacht, nice weather and a nice dinner."


Royal getaway
Speaking of romance and travel, Queen Sharmell said she and her royal love, King Booker, recently enjoyed a few days of relaxation and fun in Cape Cod, Mass.

"The King and I just went to Martha's Vineyard for about three days, so that was really, really wonderful. He got to golf a lot, and I got to hang out at the beach and do a little bit of shopping," Queen Sharmell told Diva Dish. "That's the only vacation we've taken as a couple. We didn't even get a chance to take a honeymoon because of our work schedule. So that three-day getaway was well worth the wait."

But while a quick vacation away was perfect for the royal couple, it wasn't long before they were back to work in the land of sports-entertainment.

"It's non-stop work, but it's fun, because it's our passion. When we're not working with WWE, we're at home in Houston with our wrestling school, so it's wrestling seven days a week," Raw's Queen smiled.


Lucky gal
Faithful Diva Dish readers know that during Victoria's time off, the SmackDown Diva enjoys many activities, from relaxing at home to attending Louisville Fire arena football games. We can add another fun activity to that list.

"Recently I went on a casino boat," Victoria revealed. "I like playing craps. It's my game."

Victoria explained she's not a big gambler, but has been playing craps for fun.

"There's a lot of participation and clapping. You don't have to shut up and concentrate. You just roll the dice and go! And I do pretty well at that actually!" she laughed.


Lucky gal
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