Diva Dish: FHM goes Extreme

Diva Dish: FHM goes Extreme

This week in Diva Dish, Brooke, Kelly Kelly and Layla prepare for a photo shoot; survey says Candice MichelleLayla, Maria, Michelle McCool, Queen Sharmell and other WWE Superstars are pumped to play the Feud; Cherry sweetens up Ozzfest; Maria is movin' on up; and Mickie James gets Warped.


Strike a pose
FHMonline.com is about to get extremely sexy. Brooke, Kelly Kelly and Layla will pose for FHM online next week in New York City, and the ECW Divas are ready to heat things up on the Web site.

"Just to be in the limelight and looked at kind of as a sex symbol -- which is what I want to be pictured as -- I get to be the girl everyone wants and can't have, the girl that every girl wants to be," Brooke said. "I'm going to get a chance to be her and portray that in this online shoot for FHM."

Kelly Kelly, told Diva Dish the best part about the upcoming shoot is having the opportunity to pose with her Extreme Exposé partners.

"I'm excited for it, and I'm especially excited to do it with Layla and Brooke. It'll be a lot of fun," Kelly Kelly said. "I can't wait to see what they have planned for us, the outfits and all that stuff, because I have no idea. I love when we've done photo shoots together before they've always been crazy and fun. We always end up doing something crazy!"

Stay tuned to WWE.com and Diva Dish for exclusive coverage of Extreme Exposé's FHMonline.com upcoming pictorial.


Survey says!
WWE Superstars and Divas will face off in a few rousing games of Family Feud this week, as Batista, Candice Michelle, John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, King Booker, Layla, Maria, Michelle McCool, MVP and Queen Sharmell are in Los Angeles taping the game show.

It's going to be a battle of the sexes -- Superstars vs. Divas -- and the survey says the competition should be exciting. Candice Michelle and Maria told Diva Dish they're certain the Divas will come out on top!

"I am so excited, because when it comes to game shows, I am a total nerd at home," the Women's Champion admitted. "I have a TiVo, and I actually pause a show so I can answer the questions. So for Family Feud, all I can say is, Superstars, you're going down!"

Maria said it's hard to believe she'll actually be on the Family Feud stage playing the game on a team with her fellow Divas.

"I'm very excited. It's awfully surreal -- all of a sudden I'm going to Family Feud!" she giggled. "And the Divas are definitely going to kick the Superstars' butts, because that's kind of what we do!"

Maria said she's a fan of game shows, particularly a few classics that still air today.

"Mainly I watch Wheel of Fortune and … Come on down! … The Price is Right. Drew Carey is the new host, and that's not a bad choice at all," the Raw Diva smiled.

Candice Michelle told Diva Dish she especially enjoys watching some of the newer game shows.

"I play them all. I play Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, the Pyramid game, even the new singing game that's out where you finish the lyrics… I'm not good at that one, but I still try!" Candice laughed.

Stay tuned to WWE.com and Diva Dish for exclusive coverage of the WWE Superstars' and Divas' Family Feud episodes, which are slated to air in November.


From sock hop to mosh pit
Hey, Cherry fans! The Diva and her main men, WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce and Domino, will be cruisin' to Ozzfest next week. The SmackDown Superstars will be at the PNC Bank Arts Center on Thursday, Aug. 16, for the heavy metal music festival.

"I love that Deuce, Domino and I are going to go and meet our fans and introduce a band, from what I hear," Cherry said. "That's going to be a lot of fun, because it's at an outside venue in our home turf. It'll be fun to go back to a place where I used to go to concerts and be able to meet some of our fans. It's going to be a little nostalgic."

Cherry told Diva Dish she doesn't have the time to attend many concerts because she's often busy being a WWE Diva, so she and the WWE Tag Champs are thrilled to attend Ozzfest.

"Deuce and Domino are really excited. They're very much into that type of music, especially Domino, he loves that kind of music," Cherry said. "Me, I just like whatever's on the jukebox!"

For more on Ozzfest, see the tour's official Web site.


Movin' on up
As previously reported in Diva Dish, Maria recently made a big move in her life, and the Diva couldn't be happier to be close to her family in the Windy City area.

"I recently moved to a suburb outside of Chicago. For the first time in a long time, I'm back on my own. I'm really just getting myself together and getting my stuff together… and I have two walk-in closets, which is awesome!" Maria smiled.

"There are so many things you have to do when you move, it's absolutely crazy. What I learned, when I moved, is that I'm not shopping anymore. I have way too many clothes!" said the fashionista Diva.

Maria told Diva Dish she's enjoying getting to know the area around her new, two-bedroom townhouse. She said her gym is nearby, there are many restaurants and a few malls, too… but she promises she won't go on a clothing shopping spree!

"I'm really excited to be back in Chicago. Last week my sister stayed with me two nights, and my mom stayed with me a night. To be back home with my family, it's just so very important," she beamed "I'm very much a family, home kind of girl, so I very much just want to have a place to settle down in."

Maria also wanted to remind our fans that she'll be at Ozzfest in Tinley Park, Ill., on Aug. 10.

"I actually don't know a whole lot of bands who will be there, but I'm definitely looking forward to Hatebreed and, of course, Ozzy!" Maria said.

Stay tuned to Diva Dish for more on Maria's life-changing move… and a new special someone in her life!


Warped experience
Mickie James recently attended the Warped Tour music festival in Tinley Park, where she and SmackDown's Kenny Dykstra signed autographs and met our fans.

"I had a blast and the fans were all cool. They were talking about WrestleMania 22, and how they thought my match with Trish was the greatest women's match of all time, and I said, ‘I know!' " the Raw Diva laughed.

"I saw some bands, too, which was fun. I was waiting for one band to come on, but I had to go to the airport. So by the time they finally came on we had to leave," she said. "But I don't remember which band it was."

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