Diva Dish: A bold homecoming

Diva Dish: A bold homecoming

This week in Diva Dish, Beth Phoenix's return to Monday nights rocks the Raw Divas. Jillian, Mickie James, Candice Michelle and Maria discuss Beth's arrival. Also, Michelle McCool is on a roll; Brooke, Kelly Kelly and Layla hit the wide open road; and WWE 24/7 Online gets Divalicious.


Return of the Phoenix
Raw just got a little bit sexier, sassier and tougher this week, as Beth Phoenix made her long-awaited return to Monday nights. The Raw Divas' locker room was abuzz in Lafayette, La. -- some Divas are pleased Beth is back, while others view her as just another challenge.

"Well, she's another Diva on our side, right?" snapped Jillian. "But there's only room for one Women's Champion, and that's going to be me. Beth can come and help me beat up some Divas, but she isn't going to win that title. It's going to be mine."

Beth's jaw was broken more than one year ago during her first singles match on Raw against Victoria. Two titanium plates and nine screws later, her jaw has healed, and Beth's fire has reignited. The Diva has aligned herself with former Women's Champion, Melina. One Diva ready to settle a score with Beth is Mickie James. The Divas' tumultuous history dates back to last year. (Read more.)

"I'm actually very excited for the return of Beth Phoenix because it's been a long time coming, and I really can't wait to get my hands on her. Honestly, after everything she put me through, and then she was just gone like a ghost for so long… Now all of a sudden she's back, wanting to make an impact?" Mickie feverishly said.

"I just have a lot of animosity built up against her. This means there's more competition, and there's nothing wrong with good, healthy competition."

Women's Champion Candice Michelle said she's not intimidated by Beth -- she's just one more Diva on the Raw roster, and she's ready for the challenge.

"If anybody is going to take me on after winning the Women's Championship -- which I worked so hard to earn -- you better bring it!" Candice said with confidence.

"For somebody who just got slapped in the face and was out for what, a little more than a year, you better bring something a little bit stronger than that," the Women's Champion chuckled. "You might look strong, but you better bring everything you got if you're going to come after me!"

Always one to look on the bright side of things, Maria said she's impressed Beth is ready to return to the Raw ring.

"She is an amazing wrestler, and it takes a lot of heart to come back from a jaw injury. So for her to be back, it shows something. It shows she really wants to be here," Maria said. "Beth can be a bit of a bad girl, so I'm sure she's going to fight tooth and nail, and do everything she can to get in that title run."

What will Beth's return to Raw mean to the Divas who rule Monday nights? Tune in to the USA Network, every Monday at 9/8 CT to find out.


She's on a roll
This week, SmackDown's All-American Girl, Michelle McCool, is ready to roll. The sexy Diva slips into a bikini and straps on her Rollerblades to go for a spin on a beach boardwalk for all our fans to see.

"Rollerblading is fun! I do it often when I am home in Florida. I enjoy it because it's a different type of workout for the legs. It's nice," Michelle smiled.

Check out the extended cuts of Michelle McCool: All-American Girl now!


Extreme road trip
Summer is the perfect season for a road trip. And what could be more fun than heading down the highway with ECW's sexiest Divas, Brooke, Kelly Kelly and Layla? Extreme Exposé told Diva Dish their time on the road together has only made them even closer, evident in the conversation we had with them below.

"Extreme Exposé has had a lot of road trips," Layla said.

"They're fun. We always travel together. We spend like every hour together," Kelly Kelly continued.

"We're very much like sisters," Layla explained.

"Layla and I share beds all the time!" Kelly Kelly giggled.

"And I pretty much know what she's going to say before she says it!" Layla laughed.

"We need to come up with an Exposé road trip. We might actually surprise you one day and bring a camera. We already have some pictures, but we can't show those…." Layla winked, then trailed off. "Wait, where's Brooke, actually? We're going to talk to her, get a camera and maybe we'll share it with you at WWE.com!"

Layla and Kelly Kelly then ran off to hunt down their third partner in crime, Brooke. Stay tuned to Diva Dish for more on the adventures of ECW's sexy trio, Extreme Exposé.


Divas, 24/7
Have you checked out WWE 24/7 Online lately? This summer, WWE 24/7 Online is celebrating the Divas with exclusive videos of the WWE Divas.

Watch when Torrie Wilson and Melina made the summer of 2005 even hotter when they faced off in a Bra and Panties Match at The Great American Bash. If that's not hot enough, try a Fatal Four Way with Ashley, Kristal, Jillian and Michelle McCool, all clawing at each other's clothes at The Great American Bash 2006. Then take a steamy trip to the Big Apple when Maria does New York. Check out these matches and more hot, Divalicious action at WWE 24/7 Online.

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