Diva Dish: Raw's newest Diva; more summer fun

Diva Dish: Raw's newest Diva; more summer fun

In this week's Diva Dish, Kelly Kelly is welcomed to Raw, Maria prepares to strut her stuff in New York City, Michelle McCool honors a young hero and Beth Phoenix visits South America. Cherry, Jillian, Lilian, Eve, Victoria and Lena Yada share their Fourth of July tales.

Raw's newest Diva
Monday nights have just gotten even hotter. Kelly Kelly joined the Raw Divas roster this week and picked up a tag team win with Women's Champion Mickie James.

"I'm really, really excited for my Raw debut," she said before her debut win. "I think it's an amazing opportunity. Our fans who haven't seen me before will see me now. I'm really, really excited about it."

Kelly Kelly couldn't wait to join the Women's Champion in the ring on Monday night.

"Mickie's amazing. I know I'm going to learn a lot from her. Hopefully she'll take me under her wing and teach me a few things," Kelly Kelly said.

The Diva said the ECW Superstars threw her a surprise going away party before her departure. While Kelly Kelly said she'll miss her Extreme friends, she'll also miss ECW's loyal fans.

"I want to thank the ECW fans for supporting me for the two years I was there. They were amazing," she said. "They got me to where I am today. I hope they continue to support me even though I'm on a different show. It was an amazing two years. I'm going to miss it."

Paws for Style
and her chihuahua, Gemini, will take their skills to the cat— er, dogwalk next week at Animal Fair Magazine's 9th annual Paws for Style charity event in New York City.

"Paws for Style is a charity event where designers -- celebrities and actual clothing designers -- make outfits for their pets and themselves and walk the runway," Maria told Diva Dish.

SmackDown's newest Diva will design and sew matching outfits for herself and Gemini to show off on the dogwalk.

"My brand new logo is going to be on my outfit. This is the first time I'll be walking my own design on a runway. It's my design and it's my doggie that's going with me," Maria smiled. "Gemini is pumped and ready. I've been walking him everywhere so he's ready. I'm really excited about it."

For more information of Paws for a Cause, visit the official site.

Hero Awards
Michelle McCool
and Big Show were recently special guest presenters at the 2008 Hero Awards, an event that touched the heart of the Diva.

"We presented an award to 11-year-old J.T. Robertson. He went out of his way -- this is totally the most unselfish thing I've ever seen a child do -- he collected 14,000 cans to raise money for 84 different kids who never had taken a train ride before," McCool told Diva Dish.

"He went out of his way to make these terminally ill children happy. It was really, really touching. It was a moving story. The kid is amazing. He did it just because he simply wanted to put smiles on these kids' faces."

Watch an exclusive, WWE.com video of McCool and Big Show at the 2008 Hero Awards.

Glamazon takes on South America
Beth Phoenix
made her first trip to South America during Raw's recent tour, and the Glamazon said she was welcomed with open arms.

"I was excited to see the fans, who are, as always, excited to see me. That's who they bought their ticket to see. It was really cool. It was an area that I think really appreciated WWE coming into town," the Raw Diva said.

"It was really cool to drive through the countryside, especially when we were in El Salvador, to see the way people live, in the poverty they live in, really makes you appreciate what you have. I was really humbled by the experience."

Fun on the Fourth
The Divas celebrated the Fourth of July weekend having fun, of course! From seeing our fans at live events, to watching fireworks to partying at the Playboy Mansion -- your favorite Divas had a blast this Independence Day.

"July 4th was this weekend and I was, at the time, not scheduled for the live events. But things worked out great and I was called to join the weekend shows, which was fun for me," Cherry told Diva Dish.

"It kind of cut my weekend short because I had to pack for the shows, but I did get to see fireworks with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. I am so close to my little nephew, who I love so much. He takes such pride in watching his Aunt Cherry on the TV wrestling," the SmackDown Diva said.

Jillian channeled her inner child on the Fourth of July weekend, letting loose with some kid-friendly fun in Ohio.

"I went to Kings Island and spent the whole day there, which was fun! I didn't ride any roller coasters because I'm scared, but I rode the kids' rides. I like that kind of stuff. I ride the baby roller coaster. I like the water slides, too," the Raw Diva said.

While Lilian Garcia has lived in New York City for more than 10 years, this Fourth of July marked the first time she's seen the Macy's Fireworks Spectacular over the East River.

"We went to South Street Seaport and sat out there for hours, waiting for it to start. My parents were in town. It was just amazing to see the fireworks -- they were just right overhead. It was incredible. It was a great experience that after all these years I finally got to see it firsthand," the Raw ring announcer told Diva Dish.

Eve also celebrated Independence Day with fireworks, but she let them off in her friend's back yard at a casual party.

"This Fourth of July I did it really old school. We got all of the fun fireworks -- we had spinners, the little triangle ones, smoke bombs and sparklers. It was very fun," the SmackDown Diva said. "During the day we went to the beach and I watched my friend surf."

Victoria enjoyed the weekend in Pensacola, Fla., the site of a WWE live event. She painted the town red with a few fellow Superstars.

"We ended up at this club that plays hip-hop. Freaking Hornswoggle shocked the heck out of me with his hip-hop dancing. He can pop, lock and drop it. He was doing the robot. It made my whole weekend. Hornswoggle just stole my heart," the SmackDown Diva laughed. "I got Natalya on the dance floor, too. I'll teach her some moves. It was a blast this weekend."

Finally, Lena Yada celebrated Independence Day at one of America's most famous party hotspots.

"I partied for the Fourth of July like a true Diva should -- at the Playboy Mansion. It was great. I go every year. It's a great, safe, fun-filled environment," the ECW Diva said. "They have a barbecue, a big trampoline and an enormous waterslide. They also have a volleyball net, as well as the typical grotto, and the birds and the animals come out at night from their cages. They have a fireworks show. It was great!"

After partying at the Mansion, the Diva returned home to celebrate the holiday with her family.

"Then I went back home and watched the fireworks from New York and Boston on TV with my dad. It was great. It was a great, great Fourth of July," she smiled.

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