Diva Dish: Championship warning

Diva Dish: Championship warning

In this week's Diva Dish, Katie Lea Burchill offers a warning to her Night of Champions opponent, Mickie James; Maryse makes a big move; Jillian hangs out with Weird Al, Maria gets mobbed; and Kelly Kelly rides in style.

A Diva's warning
With the Women's Championship match coming up this Sunday at Night of Champions, Katie Lea Burchill offered a stern warning to the title's defender, Mickie James.

"I just want Mickie James to watch out because right now, she still has that title around her waist, but I've already beaten her, so technically that makes me the real champ," a confident Burchill said.

"I'm just waiting for my opportunity to get the one-on-one match with her to make it official. To show the world that I'm better than her and that I can beat her, any day of the week. Very soon I'll be Women's Champion. I've told her that before, and now I'm going to prove it!"

The Raw newcomer does not discredit James as a champion, admitting she's an amazing athlete and cute to boot.

"But she doesn't have that fierce will and ambition to succeed, that drive, that never-say-die, do anything for it attitude that I do," Burchill said. "For that, I'm going to be a better champion because I will carry that title with A) a lot more class, B) a lot more pride and C) probably a lot longer than she ever would."

Watch James defend the Women's Championship against Burchill at Night of Champions, Sunday at 8/7 CT, only on pay-per-view.

Movin' on up
Tinseltown is now one blonde richer, thanks to a Diva's big move to the United States.

"I moved to Hollywood last weekend," Maryse told Diva Dish. "I still have my house in Montreal, but I have established myself in the land of actors. I'm really excited about that. I have this beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills."

The Diva starlet is sure that by moving to sunny Southern California, the area is lucky to have a blonde bombshell like Maryse in town.

"French girls, especially those from Montreal, are known to be the most beautiful women in the world. Some people go to L.A. because they have dreams, but the thing is, I am already living the dream. I have everything I want in life," she explained.

Maryse is already turning heads. The Diva said she's commonly approached and asked where she's from.

"People say, ‘You're not from here.' I say no, I'm not an American and that's a really good thing. I'm really proud to be French and I'm really different," Maryse said in her thick French accent.

"I get it all the time: ‘Where are you from?' Where do you think I am from? I am a natural beauty. I can wear sweatpants and running shoes and I stop traffic on the street --people have accidents when they drive and they spot me."


Action sports with Jillian
Jillian made a special appearance at the Dew Action Sports tour last weekend in Baltimore. The Diva presented trophies to winners of a BMX event, and signed autographs and took photos with our fans… and Weird Al Yankovic.

"I like his song ‘White and Nerdy.' I like the ‘Amish Paradise' song. Those are really cool -- those are my favorites," Jillian told Diva Dish.

So did the songstress surprise our fans in Baltimore with an impromptu duet with the quirky singer? Not a chance.

"We didn't do a sing-off because I was saving my voice. I totally would have shown him up. He would have been really embarrassed and would have had to leave. I wouldn't want to do that to him. That would just be embarrassing for him, so I decided against it," she said.

"I don't like to embarrass people -- I feel bad for them. John Cena has asked me to do a duet with him -- no, absolutely not. Lilian Garcia, of course, asked me to do a duet with her -- absolutely not. These people don't realize they'd be completely embarrassed singing next to me, or rapping next to me, because I can rap, too."

The price of Diva stardom
Maria said she enjoys returning home to the Chicago suburbs to visit her family and friends, but it seems the Diva's fame is making it difficult for her to go unnoticed.

"I love going home, I really do. And I love going to car shows. It's so much fun. But for the first time in the history of me being me, I really couldn't go to a car show because I was mobbed, literally mobbed," the Diva explained. "I love Ottawa, I really do. I love everybody at home, I love my mom, I love my family, but oh my gosh, it was crazy!"

Maria said she signed so many autographs while in downtown Ottawa, Ill., it was like an impromptu WWE appearance.

"Then my friend Emma and I went out at night and she literally had to run blocker for me. I had to dance in the corner, because I couldn't let go in the middle of everything because someone was constantly coming up," she said.

But the Diva is most definitely not complaining. Maria is flattered by all of the attention she's getting and loves nothing more than meeting her adoring fans.

"Please, keep it coming! Keep coming up to me and talking to me!" she pleaded. "I signed everybody's autograph, I took everybody's picture. That's what I do. That's my home. I signed multiple autographs if need be. I said hello to a couple of peeps on the phone. I did all that stuff because that's my home, and I'll keep on doing it. But it was the first time that it was that crazy like that!"

While most of Maria's fans were interested in obtaining autographs and posing for snapshots with the Diva, one had an interesting question for her to which she wanted to set the record straight.

"They asked if I was going to pose for Hustler. No -- I am a Playmate and I will not cross the line," Maria said.

Extreme stylin'
Watch out, Florida. If you happen to spot a smiling, beautiful blonde cruising around the Sunshine State in a shiny, new BMW, it just might be Kelly Kelly.

"I purchased a new 2008 BMW, a 328i. It's the two-door. It's on 22s, and I love it! It's beautiful and silver, with black leather interior. It's gorgeous. I'm really excited about it!"

The independent Diva is most proud of the fact that she picked out the 3-Series herself and bought it on her own.

"I went by myself. I had no one go with me," she said. "I negotiated so I would get a fair price. I talked [the dealer] down, so I was happy. I was really excited about it."

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