Diva Dish: Eurotrip Divas

Diva Dish: Eurotrip Divas

This week in Diva Dish, Beth Phoenix, Maria, Mickie James and Jillian head across the Atlantic for WWE's European tour. Also, Ashley, Katie Lea, Jillian, Layla and Maryse dish on supermodel Naomi Campbell's latest outlandish antics.

London calling
Our lucky European fans are being treated to a visit by the WWE Divas and Superstars as they tour England, Ireland, Austria, Spain and Portugal throughout the next week and a half. Diva Dish caught up with a few of the Sexiest Women to hit Europe before their big trip and asked them about their Eurotrip. Beth Phoenix said she was particularly excited to visit Austria, Portugal and Spain for the first time.

"Basically, I'm looking forward to the experience. The European fans are awesome. Gracing them with my presence, it's only once or twice a year that they get to see The Glamazon, so it's lucky for them," the Women's Champion said. "I look forward to seeing the fans in the U.K., as well."

Maria cited London as one of her favorite travel destinations, especially for its culture and, of course, shopping.

"Top Shop is one of those places that's known in England, and I'll definitely be going there!" Maria said of the popular British clothing chain.

The busy Diva said she wishes she had more free time to explore the continent, but right now her focus is in the ring.

"When it comes to landmarks, I want to see things in Greece and Egypt. Paris would be amazing, but we're not going there. There are places I want to see, and Europe is one of those places that when I have some time on my hands I'll go there, but not when I'm working," Maria said.

"Now we're flying out and going on this European tour and I feel very fortunate to be on it. I want to work in the ring and get better and better. I want to beat Beth Phoenix!" the Playboy cover girl said.

Mickie James is especially pumped to get in the ring in front of our loyal fans throughout the next few weeks.

"That's going to be exciting. I'm really excited about going over to Europe and seeing all the fans. We have a big fan base in Europe, all over. It's huge!" she said.

One Raw Diva who wasn't exactly enamored with the idea of a visit to the land of double-decker buses and afternoon tea is Jillian.

"I get to go to London … that'll be rainy and cold," the Raw Diva said, rolling her eyes. "I've been to London a couple of times. But stuff's too expensive to go shopping there. They double the price, so I don't want to shop there."


Supermodel Diva?
Naomi Campbell is up to her old tricks again. This time the supermodel's been banned from British Airways after her luggage was lost, and she swore at cop and spit in his face. Me-ow! Out-on-bail Campbell, who is also known for throwing cell phones, was the recent topic du jour in the Divas locker room. Could the feisty supermodel make it as a WWE Diva?

"I think if Naomi Campbell came up in here and tried to be a Diva, she might have a little too much of an attitude to work well with us in our locker room," Ashley said. "Somebody might need to snuff her and put her back in her place, if she's spitting on people and things like that. It sounds like she has pretty big attitude."

WWE's own lovely Diva from across the pond, Katie Lea, told Diva Dish she is not shocked by Campbell's behavior, but she is appalled.

"Well, most English women know their manners. But we expect it from Naomi. The question is … is she doing that because she's really like that or because she has to keep up her public image? Maybe there's some of that as well," the Raw Diva said.

"Most English women know how to behave and know when to be naughty, and that's when no one is looking," Katie Lea giggled.

"Naomi just might be a good WWE Diva. You need a little bit of attitude to be here, and it sounds like she's got plenty, so maybe she'd be good at it," Katie Lea continued.

While we sometimes wonder what Jillian's thinking when it comes to her singing skills, it seems the Raw crooner wouldn't be in the supermodel's corner.

"Who in their right mind would spit on a police officer?! Seriously! I bet she wasn't even intoxicated at all, that's just her normal [behavior]. That's ridiculous," Jillian scoffed.

"She couldn't be a Diva because people would try to kill her. She'd be the most hated woman here, probably. Nobody would like her. You've got to have a good personality to be a Diva… like me!" Jillian said.

Layla told Diva Dish that she and Campbell attended the same performing arts college in London, and she respects the model because she's not afraid to speak what's on her mind. However, the ECW beauty doesn't condone Campbell's recent outrageous behavior.

"Spitting in an officer's face, you're asking for trouble. You're going to get arrested for that, there's no way!" she said, pointing out she can hardly wait to see what the supermodel does next.

"Naomi has exactly what it takes to be a Diva. She'd beat up all the Divas in the locker room. We'd all be depleted before the day even starts. I think all Divas would be hiding all their cell phones and wearing masks so that she doesn't spit on us," Layla joked.

Well, there's one Diva who is siding with Campbell, and that's SmackDown's Canadian import, Maryse. The Diva told us that she was late for her flight to Boston this week and airline employees insisted her carry-on bag, which is full of her most important treasures, be stowed under the plane with the other luggage. But when Maryse landed in Boston, her carry-on bag was nowhere to be found.

"I had like $15,000 if jewelry in my suitcase. I have all my diamond boots and my jacket with my Swarovski rhinestones on it. I was extremely mad," a serious Maryse said. "So if I was looking for people and they don't really want to really help? Yeah, I'd probably spit in the face of somebody."

"Naomi has some attitude and I like people with attitude and confidence. She probably has what it takes to be a Diva. But what it takes to be better than me? I don't know."

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