Diva Dish: 'Mania-bound Divas

Diva Dish: 'Mania-bound Divas

This week in Diva Dish, Layla and Eve discuss a musical Legend performing this Sunday and Beth Phoenix prepares to let her gold shine, while Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool return to home sweet home for WrestleMania XXIV. Also, Katie Lea Burchill readies for her first 'Mania and the SmackDown Divas' contest heats up between Eve, Cherry and Michelle.

Listening to a Legend
Each Diva we've talked to in recent weeks said she's very excited to watch John Legend sing "America the Beautiful" at this year's WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, Fla.

"I can't wait. You know, I thought seeing Aretha Franklin last year was amazing, and I didn't think anyone can top that. But if someone can, John Legend would be the man," Michelle McCool said. "In my mind, he's a legend, no pun intended. He's a legend within himself, so I can't wait to meet him, I can't wait to hear him and I'm sure I'll get chills from head to toe when he starts singing."

Layla told Diva Dish this won't be her first time seeing Legend perform; in fact, she's even been on stage with him, back when she was a Miami Heat dancer.

"We were his back-up dancers, and kind of just grooved with him," the ECW Diva smiled. "It's a blessing to actually get to see him perform again. He is an amazing artist. I love his music. Everything about him is inspirational. I like his vibe, he's very laid-back."

Eve also can't wait to see Legend perform live for the first time at WrestleMania this Sunday.

"I think he's an amazing performer. He's someone who reaches a very different audience. You know, he's not necessarily rock 'n' roll or hip-hop; he's very mainstream, and I think a lot of people really enjoy his music," SmackDown's newest Diva said. "I think he will reach out to a different audience this year, which is really exciting. I personally love him."

Golden and glamorous
A WWE Women's Champion never fails to look amazing at all times, and the Glamazon is no exception to that rule. She told Diva Dish that she has been preparing extra hard for WrestleMania XXIV.

"I have to look my best, so I've been going to the gym, training extra hard. I've been doing all the things that Glamazons do to look as good as I do," Beth Phoenix said.

Rumor has it the Raw Diva has a famous admirer who will be at the Citrus Bowl on March 30, too.

"I even heard a little bit of a secret, I don't know if you know this, but I heard Snoop Dogg has a little bit of a crush on the Glamazon, so I want to look extra good for the Snoopmeister."

Read more about Snoop's upcoming WrestleMania XXIV appearance, and check out his new album, Ego Trippin'.

Florida fun
Kelly Kelly
is especially excited to head to her homestate of Florida next week for WrestleMania XXIV.

"All of my family is coming, a lot of my cousins. One of my cousins lives in Orlando and goes to the University of Central Florida, so they are all excited to come," the ECW beauty smiled. "It will be really fun. We are going to go to some amusement parks like Islands of Adventure and Disney World."

Kelly Kelly said she'll soon play host to her little sister, who lives in Jacksonville, who will visit her while on spring break in Tampa.

"I'm going to take her out, we're going to go out and party!" she giggled. "We're going to go to the malls, go do some shopping, buy her some stuff. We'll go to the beach because it's nice in Tampa right now."

Another Diva who is pumped for WrestleMania XXIV to hit the sunny state of Florida is Michelle McCool.

"I'm getting geared up for WrestleMania, you know in my home state -- God's country -- Florida," Michelle said.

"I'm getting geared up for our first ever BunnyMania Match. Though I'm not in it, which I would very much like to be, I will be outside the ring, so if they get carried away I'm going to toss one of the Divas to the outside or play dirty. Or I'll be there to back them up, I can promise that," the All-American Girl said.

'Mania newcomer
One Diva who will experience her first WrestleMania this year is newcomer Katie Lea Burchill. The British beauty said she's ready to have the time of her life in Orlando this week.

"Obviously it's always been a dream of mine to go to WrestleMania, so this is finally it," the Raw Diva said. "I've decided I will go and I will make an impact one way or another, so watch the space."

Katie Lea doesn't have any Sunshine State plans yet, but she's sure the fun is endless when her big brother, Paul, is around.

"Anything that has excitement and fun and thrills and kicks is my style. Of course once Paul and I are in Florida, we'll have to live our lives to the fullest every single day and see what we can get out of it."

Hot competition
On the Road to WrestleMania, three of SmackDown's hottest Divas are hoping that they'll be hitting the road in a new, custom-built Chopper. Eve, Cherry and Michelle McCool are still vying for votes that will make them the hottest Diva.

"I'm still in the running, and the prize is a Beverly Hills Chopper, which is awesome, 'cause I'm right next to Beverly Hills, and I'll be hanging with all the other celebs out there with my new chopper," Eve smiled.

Diva Dish tried to talk to Cherry about the contest, but the shy sweetie had already cruised out of the arena in Deuce & Domino's '57 Chevy. We did, however, find SmackDown's All-American Girl.

"I think we have one week left, so get out there and vote for me, Michelle McCool to 44993!" Michelle said. "I'm going to prove to the rest of these girls walking around, strutting their stuff, that I am the top Diva and I am here to stay."

Our fans will determine which Diva -- Eve, Cherry or Michelle -- will win the Beverly Hills Chopper motorcycle. Text the name of your favorite contestant to 44993, and tune in to SmackDown next Friday at 8/7 CT on The CW to find out who survived the latest challenge.

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