Diva Dish: Sin City Divas

Diva Dish: Sin City Divas

This week in Diva Dish, Ashley, Candice Michelle, Kristal and Layla prepare to party in Sin City; Rebecca hints at a talent; Maria shares another secret; Lilian snuggles up; Kristal gives a fresh tip and Mickie talks about her boy, Butch.


What happens in Vegas…
Watch out, Sin City -- the Divas are ready to party! Ashley, Candice Michelle, Kristal and Layla are headed to Las Vegas this weekend for the NBA All-Star Game.

"It's amazing. It's like the Super Bowl. Anybody who is anybody will be there. It's going to be wild. And because it's in Vegas it's going to be phenomenal," ECW's Layla said.

The former Miami Heat dancer is particularly excited to head to Vegas to see some of her NBA friends. It's Layla's second time going to the All-Star Game, and she's promised the other Divas it'll be a blast.

"Of course, a party isn't a party until the Divas run through it," SmackDown's Kristal told Diva Dish.

"I've been to Vegas before, but I wasn't legal. So now it's my first time back," Kritsal said. "I've got my game face on. My poker face is ready to go. I'm ready to do it big in Vegas."

Layla joked she might even pull a Britney Spears-like move this weekend.

"I don't know, maybe I'll get married and get it annulled the next day. Maybe I'll meet the guy of my dreams and get a little tipsy and be like, ‘Okay, let's get married!' "

"I think Vegas is going to be crazy and you better get ready for us because we're going to party!" Layla smiled. "We're going to paint the town red!"


Extreme talent
ECW's Rebecca told Diva Dish she'd be delighted if SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long added her into the mix at the Diva Talent Invitational this Sunday at No Way Out.

"I've got a little something special if he wants to throw me in for my talent. I think the fans would really find it entertaining," she said syly.

Rebecca won't admit what exactly is her special talent, but offered us this:

"Let's just say I take control."

Hmm… use your imagination, ECW fans!


Secret Sessions scoop
We promised you more on Maria's recent Secret Sessions exclusive WWE.com video and photo shoot, and Diva Dish always delivers. This week, Maria shares the story behind a favorite naughty toy… her rubber ducky!

When Maria stepped into the bubble bath, her leopard print, devil horned ducky was by her side. The Raw Diva said she's always been a fan of rubber duckies because they imply the pure relaxation of a bubble bath.

"That one came from Miami when I was on vacation with my little sister. It was a great trip, so that always reminds me of my little sister," she said.

"It's a little bit of a devil ducky, and that's kind of like me. A little bit wacky and quacky, but also a little bit of a devil," she giggled.


Baby, it's cold outside
When there's a chill in the air outside, what's a Diva to do?

"I just love to stay in and snuggle!" said Lilian Garcia.

The Raw ring announcer adores nothing more than a roaring fire and a cozy blanket.

"When it's this cold, the only thing I like to do is stay inside and snuggle by the fire all day long, watching movies and ordering in. Living in New York City I have that luxury. The delivery people must hate life when it's cold, but I utilize them!" Lilian said.


Divalicious tip
Got a pesky deodorant stain on your shirt? SmackDown's Kristal offers some helpful advice.

Kristal's Divlicious tip of the week: "If you have deodorant stains on your shirt, an easy way to get them out is to rub it with another part of the shirt and the stain will come out. Or you can take pantyhose and rub the stain. Or you can take a warm iron and run it across the stain and it will disappear."


K-9 update
Women's Champion Mickie James was happy to share some puppy news with Diva Dish. The Raw Diva's 7-month-old Labrador mix, Butch, recently underwent a little procedure, shall we say.

"We had him neutered. I don't think he knows the difference," she laughed. "He still humps his big gorilla. And he still squats to pee."

When Mickie is traveling with WWE, her mom takes care of Butch since he's not as little and portable as some of the other Divas' dogs.

"I usually go by and pick him up on Tuesdays after I get in, and I take him home," she smiled.


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