Diva Dish: 'Runway' Divas

Diva Dish: 'Runway' Divas

This week in Diva Dish, find out which Divas will strut their stuff on Project Runway. Also, Ashley, Mickie James, Maria, Victoria, Jillian, Cherry and Vickie Guerrero discuss sweet 16s in honor of WWE's "Ultimate Quinceañera Contest."

On the catwalk
Make it work! Maria, Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool and Layla will be special guest stars on Project Runway. The Divas will be a part of the Feb. 6 "Raw Talent" episode of the Bravo reality show starring Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia. Bravo describes the episode with the following: "Every designer has a muse and in this challenge, the designers must use their unexpected clients -- the WWE Divas -- to create a fantasy and use their designs to tell a story."

Stay tuned to WWE.com for more on the Divas' upcoming appearance on Project Runway.

Birthday girls
In honor of WWE's "Ultimate Quinceañera Contest," we talked to the Divas about their 16th birthdays. (Quinceañera celebrates a young Latina's 15th birthday, but most of the Divas we spoke to were of non-Latina heritage, hence why we talked about the quinceañera equivalent, the sweet 16.)

"I had a sweet 16. It was cool. I had all my friends over in my backyard and we had a DJ. It was fun. We had a good time," said Raw Diva Ashley.

Mickie James told Diva Dish she is appalled by the MTV series, My Super Sweet 16, which showcases the birthday parties of spoiled teenagers.

"Those Super Sweet 16s really disgust me, because here are all those little prissy, rich brats getting anything and everything they want, and they should all be slapped," the Raw Diva said. "Because when I turned 16, I got a car, and it was like an '86 Camaro, and it had T-tops, but it was an '86, seriously. I just think they're brats."

Mickie wasn't the only Diva to receive the keys to a Camaro on her birthday.

"My birthday is Feb. 25. I had all my friends over. It was amazing. I was on the dance team at this point, so I had all my good girl friends over and my boyfriend at the time -- my high school sweetheart. I had all kinds of guy friends -- even the wrestling team -- because I was a 'wrestlette.' I used to keep score for them," Maria explained.

"So everybody was over my house, I was opening presents, we were having cake, I was all excited," she continued. "I opened a big box, and inside there was a smaller box, a smaller box, a smaller box -- then in the last box there was a set of keys. I went out in to the garage and I had a 1994 Z28 grass green Camaro!"

The Raw Diva said she was overjoyed at the sight of her first, brand new set of wheels, which was restored by her father and brother.

"It was a six speed, it was beautiful, and I still own it. So I had the greatest sweet 16 ever," Maria said. "And I could not believe that my 14-year-old brother was able to keep from me that my father had that car for about six months before my birthday."

Victoria also got a new set of wheels for her sweet 16.

"I had a sweet 16. It was awesome. I had all my high school friends there," Victoria said. "My dad surprised me. I got a Jeep Wrangler convertible in white!"

The SmackDown Diva explained that on her birthday, she and her dad were on their way to the local car dealership to check out Jeeps when he said he forgot something at home and had to turn back. Around the corner she saw a shiny, new Wrangler.

"I went, ‘Oh, Dad, that's the Jeep we were going to go look at from the same dealer!' And I didn't know it was mine. He surprised me. It was awesome. It was my dream car!" Victoria said.

Jillian got a car, too, but she wasn't exactly crying tears of joy on her 16th birthday.

"I actually didn't have a sweet 16 party. I cried on my 16th birthday because I didn't get the car I wanted. I wanted something brand new, but I got something used," the Raw Diva frowned.

Instead of having a party, Cherry went to her first concert on her 16th birthday. The SmackDown Diva was a little apprehensive to reveal who she was rocking out to back then.

"Do I have to tell you?" she asked. (We said "yes.")

"Nelson," Cherry revealed, giggling. "It was actually funny because it was at what's now the PNC Bank Arts Center in New Jersey. The opening act was Enuff Z'nuff and they were singing and everyone was sitting in their seats. So the lead singer jumped out in the crowd and started walking up and down the aisles, and nobody cared. I think he thought he was going to get bum rushed and everyone would start screaming for him, but they didn't!"

Finally, we asked SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero about her daughter, Shaul's special birthday party.

"It was last year. We had a huge dinner and a dance. It went really well. It was for her sweet 16, but in the Mexican culture you do it for 15 or 16. She got all dressed up. She was the princess of the whole thing! It was good. And my little one will have one in four years," Vickie said.

The SmackDown GM joked that she was neglected because she didn't have a quinceañera.
"I made up for it by throwing one for my daughter. I always promised myself that my girls would have one. I think it's great because a girl gets recognized for becoming a young lady. I think it's good for their self-esteem," she said.

Read about Melina's involvement with WWE's "Ultimate Quinceañera," and get more information on the contest. Hurry -- the contest deadline is Jan. 30!

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