Trish tells it like it is

There's no denying that Trish Stratus is the quintessential Diva in WWE. She made her debut in 2000 and has worked tirelessly over the last six years to become the most accomplished Diva in WWE history. Through hard work and perseverance Trish overcame the stigma of being just another pretty face to become a six-time Women's Champion. So, with the 2006 Diva Search Contest coming up, who better to talk about the annual event than the most successful Diva herself -- Trish.

This year's contest will be the third of its kind, and Stratus isn't surprised in the least that it has lasted this long.

"Of course it's still around because you can't beat a bunch of sexy women on RAW every week," she said. "We know that is a formula that works. So I'm not surprised at all."

While the contest is returning this year, there is a new twist. The Diva Search will be held on both RAW and SmackDown for the first time ever. Previously, the contest had been a RAW exclusive. Stratus thinks spreading the contest out over both brands is a smart move that can benefit the contestants.

"It will give the contestants more exposure, which is good, and it might give them a chance to interact with both RAW and SmackDown Superstars," she said. "Obviously we have Divas on both shows, and it will be good for the contestants to get a feel for both brands."

Even though the Diva Search has been a success in terms of ratings and finding new talent, Trish says that the contest isn't perfect.

"I think there should be a preliminary question on the application such as what does WWE stand for?" she said. "If they get it right or wrong, it would be a good way to weed them out. I would also like to see more personality and get to know each contestant a little bit more throughout the process. I just need to see more than a pretty face and hotdog eating skills."

Several of the current Divas got their first WWE exposure through the Diva Search Contest. Playboy cover girl Candice, Maria, Kristal and of course, last year's winner Ashley, were all contestants in the Diva Search. So, surely the contest is paying dividends, right? Well, maybe not according to Trish.

"Well, Ashley broke her leg so I don't know if it is working out that well. I don't know, I think that this time around we have to get more of their physical attributes out, and I mean that as physical, not "physical" if you know what I mean," joked Trish. "That is what the audience demands, and that is what a Diva of today is all about. She gets into the ring and she kicks ass. A little more athleticism should be seen."

And when a new winner of the contest is crowned this year, Trish will be ready to greet her in her own special way.

"Any Diva who wants to come along, I will be more than happy to Stratisfy her."

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