Los Angeles

Signature Move

Starship Pain; The Moonlight Drive

Entrance Video

John Morrison

Career Highlights

Intercontinental Champion; ECW Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion; SmackDown Tag Team Champion

John Morrison

John Morrison: Bio

John Morrison

As his theme music reminds us, John Morrison “ain’t no make-believe.” However, his lightning-fast offense and high-risk aerial expertise can make the WWE Universe wonder if their eyes are playing tricks on them every time he enters the ring.

Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, The Guru of Greatness exudes Hollywood flash, from his colorful, slow-motion entrances to his attention-grabbing ring attire. But there's more to Morrison than his unique fashion sense and penchant for pyrotechnics.

Schooled in the French discipline of parkour, which emphasizes freedom of movement, Morrison excels in just about any environment imaginable, performing athletic feats previously unseen in WWE. His rigorous training regimen and incredible agility earned this exciting Superstar a wholly appropriate nickname: The Prince of Parkour.

With a list of accomplishments that includes three Intercontinental Titles and four WWE and World Tag Team Championships, Morrison was welcomed back to the WWE Universe with open arms in late 2019 after an absence of over eight years. After returning to reunite with his friend, The Miz, hosting “The Dirt Sheet,” Morrison used his quirkiness and quick wit to shine every time he is on screen.

Now on his own, "America's Moist Wanted" is set to unleash a typhoon of offense on every dry Superstars, as his ability to dazzle the WWE Universe with his high-flying agility and in-ring prowess continues to amaze week after week. 

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