Most Extreme Player for 6/01/07

Most Extreme Player for 6/01/07

This week's MEP -- or MEPs -- are my fellow ECW Originals, Rob Van Dam and Tommy Dreamer.

RVD made his feelings about Randy Orton's attempt to end Shawn Michaels' career very clear for the world to read on As a result, Raw saw the "Legend Killer" square off with Rob. As was the case with Shawn Michaels, Orton did not try to win the match, but instead purposely inflicted a serious concussion on RVD.

The following night on ECW, Tommy Dreamer had the guts to take it upon himself to avenge both Michaels and Van Dam by challenging Orton. Once again, Orton was looking simply to injure his opponent and repeatedly attacked Dreamer's head. The Legend Killer was stopped only when RVD, who was not medically cleared to wrestle and was risking his own health, saved Dreamer only to be drilled in the skull and left glassy-eyed again by Orton.

This Sunday at One Night Stand, RVD will probably be cleared to compete and will take on Orton in a Stretcher Match. As a friend of Rob's, I would rather he wait several weeks before returning to action against Orton, or anybody else, for that matter. However, I fear that will not be the case, and Rob will return from his concussion too soon on Sunday and compete against arguably the most dangerous Superstar in WWE right now, the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

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