Most Extreme Player for 5/11/07

Most Extreme Player for 5/11/07

How could this week's MEP be anyone but Edge?

On Raw, Edge somehow goaded Mr. Kennedy (...KENNEDY!) into putting his Money in the Bank championship contract on the line. Furthermore, Kennedy had just sustained an arm injury and should not have been wrestling at all. Ever the opportunist, Edge ambushed Kennedy before the match even started. In fact, Kennedy was given the option of not going through with the official match but instead told the referee to "ring the damn bell." Moments later, Edge speared and defeated an injured Mr. Kennedy to once again become Mr. Money in the Bank.

The very next night at SmackDown, Edge waited in the wings, watching Batista and Undertaker beat and bloody each other inside of a steel cage with the World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance. After the championship cage match ended in a draw, "The World's Strongest Man," Mark Henry, made his return to SmackDown by using his massive 400-pound frame to crush an already bloodied World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker.

It was then that the ultimate opportunist and new Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge, chose to cash in his newly-won championship contract. After competing in a brutal cage match against The Animal, and then being mauled by Mark Henry, not even The Phenom could defend himself against Edge.

For the second time in his career, Edge has cashed in Money in the Bank to become a World Champion.

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