Most Extreme Player for 2/1/07

Most Extreme Player for 2/1/07
Who else could I possibly award this week's MEP honors to than my four fellow ECW Originals: Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney and Sabu? 

After being insulted by Mr. McMahon throughout the evening, these four extreme pioneers could no longer stand by while the WWE Chairman insulted the original ECW and its rabid and loyal fans. To make matters worse, Mr. McMahon went so far as to annoint new breed ECW Extremist Elijah Burke as "the future of ECW." However, Burke's future was not looking so bright after feeling the wrath of ECW's living legacy.
Making the carnage I watched at ringside even more enjoyable, was the fact that Mr. McMahon himself was equally enfuriated and embarassed by the entire incident. Unfortunately, I was not at Raw when Donald Trump humiliated Mr. McMahon by making it rain cash and thus, I did not get a taste of "The Donald's" generosity. However, being on hand to see my fellow ECW Originals stick it to the boss was priceless.

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