Top Chef Masters Judge Krista Simmons Talks SummerSlam and Good Eats with

Top Chef Masters Judge Krista Simmons Talks SummerSlam and Good Eats with

"Top Chef Masters" judge and food writer Krista Simmons is known throughout Los Angeles for her discerning taste in food. This season, she sits at the judges table for "Top Chef Masters," tasting dishes from famed chefs such as Art Smith. Read Krista's interview about the best places to grab a burger in LA, her choice for a great appetizer and how she would fare in the squared circle. 

Check out's list of recipes for your SummerSlam party here. What are some of your favorite big event appetizers that are easy to make and family-friendly?

Krista Simmons: I absolutely love to make spinach artichoke dip in a bread bowl for sporting events and large gatherings. I try to make it a little less sinful by using low-fat cream cheese and mayo, but honestly, it's okay to indulge for the main event. Another crowd pleaser of mine is sushi rolls. They are so easy to make once you master the rolling process, which actually isn't that hard. The color just pops off the plate, and it sounds super fancy and gourmet, so you'll get hostess bonus points. I've also been known to make savory tartlettes, flatbreads and skewers, but let's get real: If we're talking about sports, there'd better be some wings around. SummerSlam is in Los Angeles on Sunday. Tell us some hot spots our fans and the WWE Superstars and Divas should check out for the best burger.

Simmons: LA is king when it comes to burger culture. There are so many places that duke it out for the best burg, but it's all a matter of preference really. If you're all about a gourmet burger with fancy fixins, Father's Office is a must. For a classic diner burger, Apple Pan is aces. When it comes to veggie burgers, the best in town is definitely at Umami Burger. It packs a walloping umami bomb that gives even a WWE Superstar a run for his money. Of course, the true champion of all burgers is my own personal grind that I mix with hoisin sauce, Sriracha and my special rub. I'm convinced it could win any burger throwdown. What can I say, I'm competitive? Talk about the importance of gathering to have a meal.

Simmons: Sharing meals is what makes us human. It brings family and friends together, and can even help you settle differences. We all have busy lives, but there's always time for food and good company. In WWE, our Superstars have one move they use which would signify the match is over. Imagine coming off the top rope and landing on your opponent. You have a chance to step into the ring with one of our WWE Superstars or Divas. What’s your finishing move called?

Simmons: The Gutbuster, baby. Depending on my mood, it can either be a "friendly" fried chicken dinner gone wrong, or a serious sucker punch to the belly. Either way, you're finished. Which would do the most damage in a No Holds Barred Match: A French Baguette, Turkey Leg, a pie to the face or Haggis?

Simmons: Gosh, that's a tough one. It's a close call between the pie or the turkey leg. I think I'd go with a pie, especially if it's topped with whipped cream. While your vision is obstructed, I'd go for pin.

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