Five questions with tennis superstar John Isner

John Isner is no stranger to WWE. From tweeting about Brock Lesnar's return to the ring while in Europe, to Royal Rumble, Isner is proud to pronounce his WWE fandom to the masses. The No. 10 ranked tennis player in the world took some time out before the French Open to answer a few questions for

Five questions with tennis superstar John Isner

Follow John Isner on Twitter at  @JohnIsner What's your favorite WWE match?

John Isner: Without a doubt WrestleMania XXV with Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker in Houston. I was there for the event. In my opinion it was the greatest match of all time. I was devastated when HBK lost as he's my all time favorite. Name your top two current Superstars you love to watch?

Isner: Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton How do you catch WWE when you’re on the road?

Isner: Well when I'm on the road in the states I always plan my Monday night around Raw. So either an early dinner or room service. When I'm out of the country I just have to catch highlights on What’s the best way to utilize a tennis racquet in an Extreme Rules Match?

Isner: That's easy. Just grip it and rip it. Have a few hidden under the ring like the trash cans and kendo sticks. A shot should knock your opponent out. What would your signature move be called?

Isner: Wow. That's a tough one. Some variation of either a powerbomb or chokeslam. I'd let WWE come up with a catchy nickname for my finisher. 

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