It's good to be bad

It's good to be bad

Thursday night on WGN America, "WWE Superstars" brought the WWE Universe a whole lot of hard-hitting, high-flying, bell-to-bell action. With Chris Masters making his "WWE Superstars" debut against Santino Marella, William Regal teaming up with Paul Burchill to face Tyler Reks and Yoshi Tatsu and a main event featuring Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox going one on one, it was a can't miss night of impressive in-ring action.

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Chris Masters def. Santino Marella (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After returning to Raw recently, The Masterpiece made his "WWE Superstars" debut this Thursday by doing what he does best — taking his opponent out with The Master Lock. While Santino Marella put up a great fight, Masters used his impressive strength and amazing abilities to walk away with a win. With a physique and skill set like his, Masters is once again making a serious impact in WWE. 

William Regal & Paul Burchill def. Yoshi Tatsu & Tyler Reks (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The WWE Universe openly expressed their dislike of William Regal and Paul Burchill, but it wasn't enough to stop the rough Englishmen from finding victory in tag team action. Despite showing themselves to be a cohesive unit and displaying impressive strength and speed in the ring, Reks and Tatsu fell short against their opponents thanks in part to the Blackpool native's veteran knowledge of his craft. Both Tatsu and Reks might have bright futures ahead, but they'll need to learn how to beat WWE-caliber opponents like their English counterparts before that will come to fruition.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox by disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a possible SummerSlam Intercontinental Championship Match preview, The Desert Destroyer was disqualified against The Master of the 619 due to Dolph Ziggler's interference. Just one day before Knox and Ziggler step in the ring with Finlay and R-Truth for a Fatal Four Way to find out who will fight Rey for his gold, both men were looking to send a message to Mysterio. However, after the match, The Ultimate Underdog used his speed and some evasive tactics to avoid vicious attacks from both men. Who Mysterio will face at SummerSlam is still up in the air, but after what transpired on "WWE Superstars," he now knows that he has one of the toughest fights of his life ahead of him.

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