Building momentum

Building momentum

With mere days to go before the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, ring warriors hoped to build momentum on "WWE Superstars" before heading into the grueling event. The show saw Gail Kim prepare for her Divas Championship Match against Maryse by defeating her Raw rival, Katie Lea, while Rey Mysterio got used to facing massive competitors after walking away victorious from a contest against Mike Knox.

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Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a matter of days, Rey Mysterio will push his body to the limit against five other Superstars in an Elimination Chamber Match with the World Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance. While other ring warriors might have used the days preceding the match to rest up, The Master of the 619 took the opportunity to hone his wrestling acumen against a particularly imposing opponent: Mike Knox. Though the massive SmackDown Superstar possessed a definitive size and strength advantage, The Ultimate Underdog prevailed with a 619, gaining momentum heading into Sunday's Elimination Chamber.

Gail Kim def. Katie Lea (PHOTOS | WATCH)
This Sunday's pay-per-view will not only feature two Elimination Chamber Matches for the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, the WWE Universe will also get to welcome a new Divas Champion, after Gail Kim and Maryse compete for the vacant title. Before she could make it to Elimination Chamber however, Gail had to face off against Katie Lea on "WWE Superstars." But despite The Scarlet Witch's impressive wrestling know-how, Gail persevered, defeating her opponent and sending a clear message to Maryse.

Evan Bourne & Primo def. Carlito & Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
"WWE Superstars" opened with a tag team match featuring four Raw ring warriors who are among the most exciting Superstars competing today. Chavo Guerrero teamed with Carlito to take on The Southpaw from San Juan's younger brother, Primo & Evan Bourne. Though the match saw a tremendous struggle between Los Bros. Colon, eventually it was "Air" Bourne who carried the day, defeating Guerrero with his awe-inspiring Shooting Star Press.

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