Blond ambition

Blond ambition
This week saw "WWE Superstars" host its final ECW match, a bout between ECW Champion Christian and Zack Ryder. That wasn't the only competition however, as Santino Marella sought out payback from Jack Swagger and SmackDown ring warriors JTG and Dolph Ziggler squared off in the ring.

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Dolph Ziggler def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the main event of "WWE Superstars," JTG took on the aggressive Dolph Ziggler. Through a hard-fought match, these ambitious young Superstars pulled out all the stops, hoping to build momentum going into the next night's SmackDown. At one point, JTG thought he had the match in the bag, but his opponent managed to get a foot on the ropes, breaking up the count. Ziggler then sprang into action, turning the match around to pick up the win.

ECW Champion Christian def. Zack Ryder (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just days before the final ECW, Christian hoped to gain some momentum going into his ECW Title defense against Ezekiel Jackson in an Extreme Rules Match. In his match against Zack Ryder, Captain Charisma showed that he was intent on keeping the ECW Championship firmly around his waist, and ultimately defeated The Long Island Loudmouth in the last ECW match to air on "WWE Superstars."

Jack Swagger def. Santino Marella (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Weeks ago, Santino Marella was brutally injured by Jack Swagger, and therefore unable to take part in the Royal Rumble Match. On "WWE Superstars" however, the Italian Superstar hoped to gain some matter of retribution from his nemesis. Unfortunately, the extensive amateur background of "The All-American American" was too much for Marella to overcome, as Swagger sealed the deal with his Gutwrench Powerbomb.

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