Mr. McMahon finally revealed who will control Raw

Mr. McMahon finally revealed who will control Raw

CHICAGO – Taking a page from the judgment of King Solomon, Mr. McMahon refused to award control of Raw to either of his children. Instead, he divided oversight equally between Stephanie and Shane, telling them they could either "slit each other's throat," or, he said, "it could be a collaborative effort." 

Watch Mr. McMahon's controversial decision

The split decision came after Stephanie and WWE's Prodigal Son each made an impassioned plea in the ring as to why they should rule Raw. And though Mr. McMahon appeared pleased with his decision, he may have been the only one. In the wake of The Chairman’s announcement, Stephanie and Shane appeared befuddled by the decision. Upon regaining his composure, Shane-O-Mac extended his hand to his sister in a show of goodwill. After a reluctant several seconds, Stephanie accepted the offering and shook her brother’s hand.

Mr. McMahon's decision comes less than a week after Shane and Stephanie engaged in a heated exchange on Raw that saw her forcibly escorted from the ring by security after refusing to leave on her own accord.

Whether Mr. McMahon's decision will prove wise beyond measure has yet to be seen. Can  Stephanie and Shane coexist and rule Raw together – or will one sibling  ultimately overthrow the other in WWE’s game of thrones? 


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