Assemble your own Three Stages of Hell Match

Assemble your own Three Stages of Hell Match

At WWE Payback, WWE Champion John Cena faces Ryback in an ultra-rare Three Stages of Hell Match comprising a Lumberjack Match, a Tables Match and, if necessary, an Ambulance Match to decide the third and final fall.

To celebrate the occasion, is inviting you, the WWE Universe, to assemble your own versions of the Three Stages of Hell Match, using classic footage from past Lumberjack, Tables and Ambulance bouts. All you have to do is vote in the polls below to decide which matches you want to see in their entirety!

Lumberjack Match poll | Tables Match poll |  Ambulance Match poll

The kicker? The full-length matches that receive the most votes will be made available for viewing in a video playlist that replicates the match order at WWE Payback.

Vote early and often to make sure your favorite Lumberjack, Tables and Ambulance Matches make the cut, and check back next Thursday, June 6, to watch the Three Stages of Hell Matches you helped curate!

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