Over the limit, under arrest

Over the limit, under arrest

Chaos is the modus operandi for WWE, though for the most part, Superstars, Divas and officials do fine policing themselves. Right?

Sure, there are a few select examples of acts that probably should have landed on the radar of law enforcement agencies, but didn’t — Kane’s attempt earlier this year to drag Zack Ryder into Hell, for example. By and large, though, grudges among WWE Superstars are hashed out in the most logical manner, considering the environment: the ring.

However, every once in a while, there’s an incident so unlawful, or a Superstar so reactionary or so conniving, that the authorities are called in to intervene. With that in mind, WWE.com looks back at noteworthy Superstar arrests that unfolded right before the WWE Universe’s collective eyes.

Case No. 08261991

For years, the WWE Universe knew exactly whom to turn to for its law and order: Big Boss Man. A former correctional officer from Cobb County, Ga., the 300-plus-pound Boss Man, as his entrance theme exclaimed, carried “a big stick” (his baton), and “a ball and chain, too” (he didn’t).

In 1991, however, “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart introduced a new enforcer to the WWE scene in the form of Jacques Rougeau who, despite having no apparent ties to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, went by the moniker "The Mountie," dressed like Dudley Do-Right and claimed to uphold the law of his native Canada.

Fancying himself as the only Superstar capable of carrying out the law, Boss Man took affront to The Mountie’s presence. Moreover, the upstanding Boss Man opposed The Mountie’s brutish tactics, which included using his “shock stick” - often against already downed opponents.

At SummerSlam 1991, held in New York’s Madison Square Garden, the rivalry came to a head in a Jailhouse Match, which carried this fitting stipulation: The loser would have to spend the night in a New York City jail cell.

The Mountie erred prior to the bout by telling police officers on hand that he did not want them to treat the match’s loser with kiddy gloves. In fact, he encouraged them to be rough “like the Mounties.”

That demand would come back to haunt The Mountie, who Boss Man overcame that night. Following the pinfall, Boss Man held down The Mountie until the police could arrive to slap on the handcuffs. At various points throughout the remainder of SummerSlam 1991, the WWE Universe watched with glee as the loudmouth Mountie was fingerprinted and booked.

Case No. 09221997

"Stone Cold" Stunner on Mr. McMahon leads to arrest: Raw, September 22, 1997

Police arrest "Stone Cold" Steve Austin after The Texas Rattlesnake Stuns Mr. McMahon on Raw.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin was an anti-authority figure without peer, and during the Sept. 22, 1997 edition of Raw, The Texas Rattlesnake’s heretical behavior boiled over, culminating in a legendary Stunner and a trip to the slammer.

After Austin attacked Owen Hart in the ring, violating a restraining order filed by Hart one week earlier, a team of local police officers entered the scene and made overtures that they would arrest him. At that moment, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon rose from his seat at the broadcast table and entered the ring in an ill-advised attempt to calm the hot-tempered “Stone Cold” and help one of WWE’s biggest Superstars avoid jail time.

The perhaps well-intentioned act did not go unnoticed by “Stone Cold.” Instead of a sincere “thanks,” though, Austin responded in true Texas Rattlesnake fashion, delivering a Stunner to WWE’s head honcho.

The Stunner – the first of many that McMahon would suffer over the years – sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe, but only temporarily delayed Austin’s incarceration. With chaos unfolding around them, the police officers swarmed Austin and locked on the cuffs before escorting him out of the arena. The insolent Superstar smiled all the while.

Case No. 05251998

The years-long rivalry between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mr. McMahon produced numerous run-ins with the law even beyond Austin’s incident in 1997.

After ambushing Austin in 1998, the WWE Chairman proudly described his “assault” of the Texas Rattlesnake on the May 25 edition of Raw. With law enforcement officials standing nearby, Austin repeated Mr. McMahon’s poor choice of words back to him. As the gravity of the situation began to grab hold of McMahon, Austin turned to the police officers.

“Since I was assaulted, I want you to do your job and arrest that piece of trash right now!” Austin insisted, referring to his incredulous boss.

With Austin’s comment, Mr. McMahon’s tailor-made suit gained a new metallic accessory: handcuffs.

When McMahon sidekicks Gerald Brisco and Pat Patterson tried to run interference and block the authorities from hauling their boss to jail, Austin assumed the role of de facto legal adviser.

“I’m not a lawyer, but wouldn’t that be obstruction of justice?” Austin queried, to which the police agreed. Mr. McMahon’s ride in the squad car wouldn’t be a lonely one, as he was joined by his “stooges,” Brisco and Patterson.

Case Nos. 01261998 and 01291998

Kevin Nash's powerbomb lands him in jail: Nitro, January 26, 1998

Kevin Nash faces arrest after using the banned Jackknife powerbomb during WCW Monday Nitro.

Recently, World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus felt the consequences of attacking a WWE official by way of a hefty $500,000 fine. Although The Celtic Warrior’s Brogue Kick on referee Chad Patton earned him the unenviable prize of the biggest monetary fine in WWE history, at least he avoided time behind bars.

The same cannot be said of Kevin Nash, whose attack on WCW official Charles Robinson won “Big Sexy” one of his two arrests that occurred in the span of one week in January 1998.

Previously, WCW Commissioner James J. Dillon had banned Nash’s Jackknife powerbomb after the risky maneuver landed The Giant on the disabled list. Nash blatantly disregarded the ban on the Jan. 26, 1998, edition of WCW Nitro, using the move in a match against Ray Traylor. Besides being disqualified and fined for the act, Nash was placed under arrest at the behest of Dillon. As the boys in blue led Nash out of the ring, the smart-mouth Nash chanted, “Attica, Attica,” in reference to the famed New York penitentiary.

Days later, while facing The Steiner Bros. in a tag team match, Nash again broke out his Jackknife powerbomb, only this time, it was Robinson, the referee, who found himself on the receiving end. As happened earlier that week, law enforcement came to ringside to arrest Nash. Instead of leading an “Attica” chant, however, the irreverent Nash opted to invoke Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald’s names as he was walked up the aisle. ( WATCH)

Case No. 09281998

In the main event of WWE’s Breakdown: In Your House 1998, The Undertaker and Kane simultaneously pinned WWE Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in a Triple Threat Match, leaving in question the rightful owner of the championship gold.

The following night on Raw, Mr. McMahon – who engineered the previous night’s contest to intentionally stack the deck against The Texas Rattlesnake – held a ceremony to present a brand-new WWE Title to the Superstar he believed won the Triple Threat Match. Flanked by police officers who were keeping close tabs on the nearby championship (which was encased in glass), Mr. McMahon appeared ready to hand the title to either The Undertaker or Kane.

Disgruntled ex-champion Austin, however, had other plans in mind.

Storming the Joe Louis Arena on a zamboni he "borrowed" from the Detroit Red Wings, Austin crashed Mr. McMahon’s party and literally drove the zamboni into the side of the ring.

The ornery Austin then leapt from the hood of the zamboni into the ring, clotheslining Mr. McMahon in one fell swoop. Although police quickly halted Austin’s beatdown of the WWE Chairman, The Texas Rattlesnake – knowing he had already struck his target – grinned mightily as he was escorted out of the building.

Case No. 01041999

Police arrest Goldberg: Nitro, January 4, 1999

Atlanta's finest present Goldberg with an arrest warrant and take him out of the arena during Nitro.

When it came to protecting their spot as the most powerful force in WCW, no tactic was too underhanded for the scallywags in the New World Order. In January 1999, The nWo sank to a new low, filing a false police report in an effort by WCW Champion Kevin Nash to avoid a title defense against the physically dominant Goldberg.

Nash and Goldberg, who lost the championship to “Big Sexy” one week prior in the win streak-snapping main event of Starrcade 1998, were scheduled to collide during the very first WCW Nitro of 1999.

When Goldberg showed up to Nitro’s host site of the Georgia Dome, though, several members of the Atlanta Police Department informed the bald beast that Miss Elizabeth, a card-carrying member of The nWo, accused him of “aggravated stalking” and wanted to press charges.

Despite Goldberg’s adamant rejection of the allegations, the police had no choice but to bring the former Atlanta Falcon down to headquarters for questioning.

Although Goldberg would be cleared of all charges when Miss Elizabeth’s tale came unwound that night, his release from jail came too late, and Goldberg was unable to make it back to the Georgia Dome in time for his match against Nash.

Case No. 07051999

By 1999, the once-unified D-Generation X was splintering badly, and Road Dogg and X-Pac found themselves at odds with “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn and Chyna over ownership of the D-X name.

During the July 5 Raw, Road Dogg and X-Pac seemingly sent a warning signal to their former comrades, as Chyna discovered her car had been spray-painted with the letters “DX.” Outraged, she contacted police and alleged that it had been Road Dogg and X-Pac who tagged her rental.

Sure enough, the fuzz arrived at the Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, N.C., shortly thereafter in search of Road Dogg and X-Pac. The police arrested X-Pac backstage moments before interrupting Road Dogg’s bout against Val Venis to apprehend the corn-rowed Superstar mid-match.

Case No. 03312005

WWE Champion JBL has John Cena arrested for vandalism: SmackDown, March 31, 2005

Embroiled in a rivalry with John Cena, self-proclaimed "Wrestling God" JBL has the Cenation leader arrested for vandalizing his limousine during SmackDown.

While embroiled in a rivalry with trying to provoke self-proclaimed “Wrestling God” and then-WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield into a physical altercation in March 2005, John Cena determined that the Texas tycoon’s trademark white limousine – readily identifiable by its bull-horn hood ornament – was in need of a new paint job. As such, the Cenation leader took it upon himself to spray-paint the pristine vehicle.

Incensed, JBL would dish out payback of his own soon after on the March 31 edition of SmackDown: While Cena wrestled Carlito Colon in the ring, JBL marched to the squared circle with several police officers in tow. Mere days before Cena and JBL were to meet in a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania XXI, the self-made millionaire from Sweetwater, Texas, demanded that the officers arrest Cena for vandalism of property.

With Cena’s arms handcuffed behind his back, JBL couldn’t resist the opportunity to deliver a cheap shot. Cena would have the final word, though, ending JBL’s reign as WWE Champion – the longest title reign in nearly 10 years – at WrestleMania.

Case No. 03092009

The bad blood between former Evolution running mates Triple H and Randy Orton reached a new extreme in early 2009 when The Viper set his sights on The Game’s WWE Championship.

To weaken Triple H ahead of their 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania title clash, Orton orchestrated a beatdown of his former ally by enlisting the help of his Legacy cohorts, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Furious over having been jumped, The Game hatched a vicious – and deeply personal – plan for retribution that involved attacking The Viper at his St. Louis home.

The incident occurred during the March 9 Raw. Slated to face Rhodes and DiBiase in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match in the show’s main event, Triple H was nowhere to be found when his name was announced before the live audience. At that point, Orton, sitting in the comfort of his own home, appeared via satellite on the TitanTron to taunt Triple H about his forfeit loss.

What The Viper didn’t know, however, was that The Game was simply on the prowl.

With WWE cameras on-site in St. Louis, Triple H made a grand entrance, using his trademark sledgehammer to bust down Orton’s door. With Orton scrambling for high ground, The Cerebral Assassin cautiously stalked the home in search of his enemy.

Once Triple H finally got his hands on Orton, he and The Viper tussled amid floor lamps and coffee tables before The Game tossed his foe through a window and onto the front yard.

It didn’t take St. Louis’ finest long to respond. As Triple H continued hammering on Orton on his very own property, the police arrived and immediately arrested The Game.

Case No. 10022011

Awesome Truth interrupt the main event: Hell in a Cell 2011

After invading the main event for Hell in a Cell 2011, the team of R-Truth and The Miz find themselves in handcuffs.

After being fired by WWE COO Triple H in September 2011, the volatile pairing of R-Truth and The Miz became so hell-bent on wreaking havoc in WWE that they appeared uninvited to WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view to ambush several Superstars.

Although WWE security kicked "The Awesome Truth" out of the arena, Truth and Miz would reappear later that night following Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Championship win over John Cena and CM Punk in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match. With the cell raised post-bout, Truth and The Miz snuck into the ring moments before the it mysteriously lowered back down – essentially trapping Del Rio, Punk and Cena, as well as WWE cameramen and referees.

The former WWE Superstars unleashed a hellish pummeling on the three spent competitors and other WWE personnel before WWE COO Triple H, Executive Vice President of Talent John Laurinaitis and an army of Superstars stormed the ring to lend a hand in removing the outsiders.

Realizing their spree of terror was coming to a halt, Truth and The Miz assumed the position, placing their hands behind their hands and kneeling to the ground. Although they were spared a group beatdown at the hands of the Superstar contingent led by Triple H and Laurinaitis, the tandem couldn’t escape arrest, and they were placed in police custody.

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