NXT TakeOver: Rival broadcast hacked by anonymous source

The broadcast is hacked into by an unfamiliar source: NXT TakeOver: Rival, Feb. 11, 2015

The live broadcast of NXT TakeOver: Rival on WWE Network is interrupted by an unknown source, telling viewers to tune in next week.

While Blake & Murphy celebrated a successful defense of the NXT Tag Team Titles during tonight’s TakeOver: Rival broadcast on WWE Network, someone seemingly intercepted the satellite feed and used it to broadcast an unusual message to the Network’s 1 million-plus subscribers – “The TakeOver isn’t over … it’s only just begun.”

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Much like the worldwide audience watching TakeOver, NXT announcers Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Jason Albert were nearly left speechless by the anonymous interruption. It’s the latest in a series of strange videos that have somehow found their way onto NXT television in recent weeks. The rapid-fire images that have been sent out in these missives have been hard to make out, but the overall message is clear: someone is watching NXT very closely.

The pirate broadcasts have left the NXT Universe wondering who – or what – could be managing to hack into WWE’s satellite feeds. Fortunately, it may not be long before we find out the mastermind behind these hacks, as the latest broadcast ended with an ominous message: “Stay tuned … next week.”

To find out who may be behind these televisual invasions, tune into WWE NXT Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET, only on WWE Network!

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