Austin Aries def. Baron Corbin

WWE Network: Austin Aries makes his NXT debut against Baron Corbin: NXT TakeOver: Dallas

The Lone Wolf goes head-to-head with the "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived."

NFL bruiser-turned-NXT standout Baron Corbin claimed not to respect any so-called “indie darling.” After facing one such darling, the debuting Austin Aries, at TakeOver: Dallas, The Lone Wolf’s tune might change.

Entering the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center to a thunderous ovation, Aries showed no fear against his much larger competitor, going after Corbin’s knees and even throwing caution to the wind with a double axe-handle from the top rope to the floor. Upon reentering the ring, The Greatest Man That Ever Lived was immediately hung out to dry on the top rope. Corbin continued his assault, thumping Aries with big boots, and putting all his weight on Aries as he applied a nerve hold to his trapezius.

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Not to be outshone in his first match in NXT, Aries fired back with chops and clubbing forearms. He delivered a missile dropkick and raced into a suicide dive between the bottom and middle ropes. With the action spilling onto the floor, Corbin retook the advantage when he hit Aries with a Deep-Six. Aries narrowly beat the referee’s count back into the ring and brazenly dared Corbin to bring on the fight, visibly angering The Lone Wolf. Corbin pounced and went for End of Days, but Aries slipped through and rolled up his opponent for the pin, securing his first victory in NXT!

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