Roderick Strong def. Eric Young

Roderick Strong brings the chaos to Eric Young: NXT TakeOver: Chicago (WWE Network Exclusive)

Roderick Strong faces Eric Young in a highly emotional battle at NXT TakeOver: Chicago: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

CHICAGO — As unapologetically depraved as he is, Eric Young may have learned a lesson at NXT TakeOver: Chicago: You mess with a man’s family, you pay the price. 

Following controversial comments from the SAnitY leader, Strong — a new father — vowed to put Young down. He almost made it look easy, too. The Messiah of the Backbreaker entered through the crowd to dispatch of Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe then battered Young from pillar to post with a flurry of kicks and chops. SAnitY wasn't going to make it so simple, though. 

It was the massive Dain who first stopped the explosive Superstar, smashing him onto the arena floor with the momentum of a locomotive. Strong rallied with a well-timed dropkick and a debilitating backbreaker, but Young halted him again with a wheelbarrow neckbreaker on the outside of the ring.

SAnitY’s leader nearly vanquished Strong again with a top-rope elbow drop, but the gutsy Superstar refused to give up. After knocking Young off the top rope and into his SAnitY cohorts, Strong tossed Young into the ring, fired him into the ropes and destroyed him on the mat with a spectacular suplex release double knee backbreaker. 

The three-count netted a personal victory for Strong, but, more than that, it was a win for his family. 

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