NXT TakeOver roundtable: Breaking down the Fatal 4-Way Match

NXT TakeOver roundtable: Breaking down the Fatal 4-Way Match

Just days away from one of the most pivotal matches of their careers at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn, Tyson Kidd and NXT Champion Adrian Neville temporarily put their differences aside to have a civil discussion about their impending matchup. While it should come as no surprise that tensions were high, each Superstar made a viable claim toward his desire to leave Full Sail University this Thursday night as NXT Champion.

WWE.COM: Gentlemen, thank you for taking part in this roundtable discussion. Let’s get right to it. What can the WWE Universe expect to see from each of you this Thursday night?  Adrian Neville, let’s start with you.

ADRIAN NEVILLE: I’m so excited for this match. NXT has a well-deserved reputation for putting on amazing matches and with the Superstars involved in this dynamic Fatal 4-Way environment, it could easily exceed anything you’ve ever seen. I will enter this match faster, stronger, mentally and physically in better condition than ever before. I promise you that.

TYLER BREEZE: Everyone witnessed a whole other side to Tyler Breeze when I became No. 1 Contender. Since I was robbed of my chance the first time, I’ve had just about enough of Sami Zayn, just about enough of Tyson Kidd and definitely enough of Adrian Neville. TakeOver is going to be my time where I claim what I deserve, and I'd hate to be anyone in my way because the “King of Cuteville” is ready to kick someone in the face.

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TYSON KIDD: I will tell you all what to expect … Tyson Kidd will blow you all away.

Just when you thought you'd seen it all from me at the last NXT TakeOver, I can't wait to leave the audience with their jaws on the floor and their eyes wide open. I'm not hoping the NXT Universe approves of me this time and I have no fear of my three other opponents, regardless of how talented they are. This time, my wife isn't competing right before me and coming back crying and heartbroken before I go out there. I've never said this before, but that affected me a lot and might have even hurt me going into the last TakeOver. I still love my wife more than anything in the world. Take that into consideration and ask yourself, how would any other husband in the world perform in such a situation? Notwithstanding, I almost became champion that night. That's how good I am.

SAMI ZAYN: I've been preparing by staying focused, staying injury-free, and hitting the gym harder. I'm up to 209 pounds, up almost 10 pounds from the last two months. At TakeOver, you will likely see what you see every time the pressure is on, a show-stealing performance.

WWE.COM: Adrian Neville, do you feel you are at a disadvantage considering you don’t have to be pinned to lose your championship?

NEVILLE: You’re right, I don’t have to be pinned but I believe he who dares, wins. My confidence and momentum is my strength, and I have beaten all three of these men. Now I just have to do it again, at the same time.

BREEZE: Whoa, first of all, I would already be champion right now if it wasn’t for Nattie’s husband (Tyson Kidd) interfering in my match with Neville a few weeks ago. As far as I'm concerned, Prince Pretty is still the No. 1 Contender and soon to be champion! The wanna-“Breezes” can't be ignored any longer; they want a champion who's gorgeous, and there is only one!

KIDD: Tyler Breeze blames everyone for everything when he doesn't get his way. I prove points with facts. Adrian Neville provoked me when I was simply watching the match – fact. Breeze was seconds away from being hit with the Red Arrow, which he wouldn't have kicked out of – fact. Breeze should be thanking me for saving him embarrassment and for allowing him to run away in our singles match. I easily could've ended him that night – fact.

ZAYN: I’m going to be perfectly honest here: Tyson Kidd, I feel you’ve fallen from grace but at the same time, you’ve put in better performances in NXT lately than I've ever seen from you before. Tyler Breeze shouldn’t be underestimated either. I don't think I underestimated him going into TakeOver last May and even then, he exceeded my expectations. Breeze is gimmicky and ridiculous, but he's tough and capable. A lot of people may not realize this, but Adrian Neville and I made our Japanese debuts against each other earlier in our careers, so at this stage we are no strangers to each other. With all that said, I feel like the fans have been pulling for me for some time now. I deserve to be NXT Champion because the NXT fans deserve to have their voice heard.

WWE.COM: Final thoughts before TakeOver?

NEVILLE: I want to prove to the world that I’m a champion who thrives under pressure and a champion who wins the big ones. At TakeOver, I’m more than willing to risk it all to show everybody that anything is possible.

BREEZE: I’ve been on a strict diet, working out twice a day and training in the ring five hours a day. Most important, my gear lady is preparing a new outfit for me that will match the NXT Championship when it gets strapped around my waist. At NXT TakeOver, the fans can expect to see three disappointed uggos and one gorgeous NXT Champion.

KIDD: I am the complete, all-around package. There's not a thing in or out of that ring I can't do with ease. As champion, I'll elevate the NXT Title to new levels it hasn't seen yet. Did I mention I'm a reality TV star? I'll make the NXT Championship mainstream on “Total Divas” and remind everyone of my greatness. I'm also the only Superstar this year to pin Adrian Neville – fact.

ZAYN: My advantage in this match is momentum. I feel I have more momentum going into this match than I ever have before. I will give every ounce of passion and fight I have in me and I'm confident you will see a new champion, too. Thursday night is going to be special, I promise you that.

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