NXT 10-Count: Tyson Kidd

NXT 10-Count: Tyson Kidd

This week, Tyson Kidd discusses cats, marriage and wrestling, but not necessarily in that order.  Known for both his in-ring ability and his well-documented marital problems with wife and “Total Divas” star Natalya, Kidd answers your questions, holding nothing for the reserves. Ring the bell, the 10-Count starts now!

WWE UNIVERSE: What was it like to be the last graduate of the Hart Dungeon?

TYSON KIDD: It was the toughest, hardest and most grueling experience of my life, but having come out on the other end, I wouldn't have changed one ounce of it. It made me who I am today: a survivor. To be the last person ever trained there is an honor and something nobody can ever take from me, no matter what happens. All these greats came out of the Dungeon — Jake Roberts, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, Owen Hart, Bret Hart, Natalya, Lance Storm, Chris Jericho — and I'm the very last ever. Fact

WWE UNIVERSE: What was the first moment you knew you loved Natalya?

KIDD: When I first met her at the age of 14. It sounds so cheesy and hokey, but it was truly one of those things.

WWE UNIVERSE: Which match is your personal favorite?

KIDD: It's so hard to narrow it down to one match. The match at NXT TakeOver: Fatal-4-Way comes to mind because it's very recent. Another is a match against Rey Mysterio that aired on “WWE Superstars” shortly before WrestleMania XXVI.

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WWE UNIVERSE: How would you describe your journey to WWE?

KIDD: It was extremely hard. I had a match at a WWE Live Event when I was 16 years old. I was young and naive and assumed that as soon as I turned 18 I'd be offered a deal, but I wasn't. I realized I had to get out there and try my hardest to get my name buzzing and to hone my craft. I wrestled in New Japan Pro Wrestling, Europe, some parts of the U.S., all while learning and hoping to catch the attention of the right people. Finally when they did notice, John Laurinaitis took a chance on a kid who was under 6-feet tall and less than 200 pounds. I've always been grateful to him for that!

WWE UNIVERSE: Who spoils your cats more, you or Natalya?

KIDD: I definitely do! She tries to limit their amount of treats, but when she's not looking, their dear old dad gets them another serving of their favorite snack.

NXT 10-Count: Tyson Kidd

WWE UNIVERSE: Your spinning heel kick looks very similar to Owen Hart’s. Were you two close when you were younger?

KIDD: Yeah, Owen and I were close. Owen taught me how to do a backflip off the top rope. He also brought me to WrestleMania XII, as well as In Your House: International Incident, as a guest of his. Owen influenced me a lot, both inside and outside the ring. 

WWE UNIVERSE: What inspires you to keep training harder each and every day?

KIDD: Knowing that I haven't reached my peak yet is definitely something that inspires me. I know that I have so much more to show but in order to show it, I have to keep on developing and improving. Guys like Dolph Ziggler, Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville inspire me too, just don't tell them that. 

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WWE UNIVERSE: What would you be doing if you weren’t wrestling?

KIDD: I've thought about this one from time to time. I've done it before and I believe I'm a really good trainer in the ring. I'd like one day to open my own wrestling school.

WWE UNIVERSE: Which Superstar on the current roster would you most like to face?

KIDD: As of this moment, Dolph Ziggler is the Intercontinental Champion and that's a title I've wanted ever since I was 12 years old. I'd also like to show him that he's not the only show-off in WWE. Plus, my cats can do some pretty cool tricks, too.

WWE UNIVERSE: Where do you see yourself in five years?

KIDD: I'll likely be winding my own in-ring career down. I'll have been wrestling for 25 years at that point. But who knows, I've been very fortunate thus far, so maybe I can do another five years on top of that and get that number up to 30.

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