A road to triumph: The Lucha Dragons embark on life as NXT Tag Team Champions

A road to triumph: The Lucha Dragons embark on life as NXT Tag Team Champions

Some have called it the pinfall heard around the world. The moment Kalisto pinned Viktor’s shoulders to the mat at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way marked not just brand-new NXT Tag Team Champions, but also the dawning of a new era many thought would never come.

“It was the greatest feeling in the world. We defeated the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in NXT history, amigo!” Kalisto, one-half of The Lucha Dragons with Sin Cara, told WWE.com.

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After nearly a year atop the NXT tag team mountain, it's no surprise that NXT observers and aficionados universally expected The Ascension, Viktor & Konnor, to successfully defend their coveted championship.  Call it a strike of lighting or lady luck, but The Lucha Dragons’ achievement stands as one of the greatest in NXT history. “Kalisto and I promised each other that we wanted to take those titles out of the darkness and give them new life through our unique ability and desire,” Sin Cara revealed. 

But, as the old saying goes, this is where the hard work really begins.

A road to triumph: The Lucha Dragons embark on life as NXT Tag Team Champions
The partnership of Kalisto & Sin Cara seemed destined to succeed from the very beginning. While both had achieved different levels of success on their own, it was their mutual respect for each other that created the championship combination. “Sin Cara and I both come from humble beginnings where we've had to work really hard to overcome obstacles,” Kalisto said. “When I first met him, I looked up to him for what he's been able to accomplish in the WWE, and luckily, he was willing to take me under his wing to share some of that knowledge with me.”

Perhaps the reason Sin Cara opted to mentor NXT’s “King of Flight” is because he sees so much of himself in Kalisto.

“Much like me, Kalisto has been told he was too small to succeed in the WWE and that any success he would achieve would be limited,” Sin Cara said.  “I looked at him one day and told him it’s up to us to change that image.”

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The perception of “too small to succeed” was shattered at TakeOver, the night The Lucha Dragons became the new top dogs in NXT’s tag team division. But will the same fire that propelled them to the top allow them to carry out a successful title reign? The luchadores know they have a rough road ahead, but adversity is nothing new to them.

“When Sin Cara and I chant ‘Lucha, lucha,’ it isn't just a casual word that we throw around; it is a very meaningful term in the Latino community,” Kalisto explained. “The chant means to fight for your dreams, for your life and for all the struggles that might come into your life. We grew up around danger and poverty but always focused on our goals, and that's how we overcame and separated ourselves from everyone else.”

With a looming rematch against The Ascension just hours away, Kalisto & Sin Cara will have to maintain greater focus than ever.

The new NXT Tag Team Champions can expect to be challenged like they've never been challenged before and to fight like they've never fought before, but if desire tells the story of their destiny, The Lucha Dragons could be on the cusp of carving out a long-lasting legacy on NXT. 

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