Exclusive Kana interview: Meet NXT’s ruthless new radical

Exclusive Kana interview: Meet NXT’s ruthless new radical

The Divas Revolution gained even more momentum this week with the announcement that Kana, the hottest female athlete in Japanese wrestling, has signed to compete in NXT’s renowned women’s division.

With a knack for ripping opponents’ shoulders out of sockets and caving in sternums with her kicks, Kana has established herself as a Diva to be feared. She is widely considered among the sport’s hardest-hitting strikers, regardless of gender, and her theatrical entrances and ring attire have captured the imagination of fans in her native country, as well as devotees around the globe.

Ahead of her official arrival to Orlando, Fla., WWE’s newest signee spoke with WWE.com about what awaits her at the Performance Center, NXT’s celebrated women’s division, and much more.

WWE.COM: Were you a fan of WWE growing up?

KANA: I became attracted to sports-entertainment in Japan while watching Keiji Muto, aka The Great Muta, when I was in high school. I followed his career to WCW when he became part of the New World Order and have been a fan ever since. My favorite WWE Superstar of all time is Triple H.

WWE.COM: What does it mean to you to be signed by WWE and wrestle in NXT’s acclaimed women’s division?

Exclusive Kana interview: Meet NXT’s ruthless new radical
KANA: I have been in this business for more than 10 years and have accomplished almost everything there is to accomplish. When the opportunity with WWE came up, I saw it as a chance to showcase my talents to the world on the biggest sports-entertainment stage there is. In this business, you always dream of making it in WWE, and I am going to give everything I have to the WWE Universe and make sure I take full advantage of the opportunity in front of me.

WWE.COM: What were your first impressions of the WWE Performance Center?

KANA: It is like nothing I have ever seen before. I was very impressed. The [Performance Center] has everything you could ever need under one roof. I can’t wait to get to Orlando and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

WWE.COM: You were in attendance at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. What were your thoughts on the NXT Women’s Title Match between Bayley and Sasha Banks?

KANA: It was so exciting; I wanted to jump in the ring with them. The energy in the building was absolutely amazing.

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WWE.COM: You’ve been in the ring with everyone from former Superstar Tajiri to NXT Assistant Head Coach Sara Amato. If you could have a dream match against any past or present WWE Diva, who would it be?

KANA: I want to take on all the Divas and gain their respect, while also leaving my mark on the division.

WWE.COM: What makes you different from the other WWE and NXT Divas?

KANA: I feel like the experience I have gained over the years, along with the techniques and skills I have accumulated, will allow me to contribute to the Divas division right away.

WWE.COM: What are you most looking forward to?

KANA: It has been amazing watching the likes of Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch and Charlotte take the Divas division by storm. I can’t wait to get in the ring with them and add my own chapter to the Divas Revolution. 

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