Dissecting Solomon Crowe’s nest

Dissecting Solomon Crowe’s nest

Few would argue that Solomon Crowe hasn’t made an immediate impact on the NXT Universe. In the short time Crowe has spent on NXT television, his actions inside the ring have been just as buzzworthy as his behavior away from it. After all, it’s not every day that an episode of NXT is interrupted by color bars and warning signals, but somehow Crowe has repeatedly been able to infiltrate broadcasts with this unique form of communication.

In an effort to delve deeper into the mind of the man some would refer to as NXT’s resident hacker, WWE.com sat down with the tech-savvy Superstar. But as is quickly becoming obvious with Crowe, nothing, in fact, is normal.

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“I used to be a 325-pound kid who was always picked on. My best friends were my computer and wrestling,” Crowe said during an interview that he insisted be conducted via Skype. In fact, the term interview must be used loosely, as the conversation with Crowe vacillated between informative and ambiguous depending on the minute. Then again, would you expect anything different from a man who hails from Anonymous, Ohio?

“I was the kid at home on my computer making films, editing and disappearing into the dark nest of the Internet,” Crowe said. When asked about his computer projects, Crowe responded with silence and a stare that would’ve shaken the confidence of The Incredible Hulk. 

So just who is Solomon Crowe? We know he has extensive in-ring experience acquired during successful tours across the globe, from Mexico to Japan, England to Australia, and everywhere in-between. Prior to his NXT debut, Crowe had already developed a significant cult following of fans anxious to see him compete in NXT for the first time.

Dissecting Solomon Crowe’s nest

His appearance is that of a classic nonconformist. Wearing labels like “outcast” and “loner” like a proverbial badge of honor, Crowe’s affinity for corruption is of the greatest concern. It’s a trait he says said he learned during his childhood.

“My family was all over the place,” he explained. “My father was a sergeant who served in Vietnam and my mother was a street-smart saleswoman,” he said. “My oldest brother was pretty much Captain America and works for the government, and my middle brother was an ex-con with the attitude of a pit bull, so I got the best of both worlds.

“I understand how corrupt this world can be,” he added. “My mother and father passed away a few years back, and I don’t really have that voice of reason anymore.”

When Crowe first appeared on the scene, he chose former NXT Superstar CJ Parker as his initial target, only opting to inform the NXT Universe that they could return to their “regularly scheduled programming” following the attack. Though we know he’s present backstage at NXT events, finding Crowe’s daily location is a mystery better left untouched. It would seem that much like his childhood, distancing himself from his peers in the NXT locker room in favor of an iPad is where the cryptic Superstar feels most at home. For a man who once hacked his school’s mainframe as a freshman, what does Crowe have in store for NXT?

In true Solomon Crowe fashion, he emailed us a binary code and insisted that our effort to decode it would give us the answer to our question. Luckily for you, we’ve completed the decoding: Click here to see Solomon Crowe’s answer.

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