Full WWE PC Combine to stream on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

Full WWE PC Combine to stream on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter

If you missed last Sunday’s exhilarating WWE Network premiere of the 2019 WWE PC Combine, have no fear: The full event will stream on WWE digital platforms this Saturday, June 1, hours before NXT TakeOver: XXV.

Starting at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT, the WWE PC Combine will be available to watch for free on WWE’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter account. The event features dozens of NXT Superstars and WWE Performance Center recruits competing in numerous athletic events, with everyone vying for the right to be called the 2019 WWE PC Combine champion.

From the Dynamic Bench Press and the Trap Bar Deadlift, to the Broad Jump and the 1000-Meter Row, the WWE PC Combine events test every aspect of the Superstars’ physical conditioning.

Watch one of the Combine’s most eye-popping feats — Omari Palmer’s record-breaking 800-pound deadlift — below, and don’t miss the stream when it starts Saturday morning.

Omari Palmer’s record-breaking 800-pound deadlift: WWE PC Combine sneak peek (WWE Network Exclusive)

Football player-turned-NXT recruit Omari Palmer breaks the WWE Performance Center record for the heaviest trap-bar deadlift. The WWE PC Combine is now available on-demand on WWE Network.

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